Some free verse.

Sometimes the thoughts come to me when I’m alone/ They take me back to places I used to spend time in/ I know I can stop the trip anytime I want/ I just ride along watching/ The things I see sometimes frighten me/ How could have done that?/ Was I that foolish and stupid?/ Was I that insensitive to others?/ Yes, I was. More often than not/ Am I sorry? Yes. Would I change those times. Some of them/ Remorse is funny. If you look at some of the choices/ There were times that everything seemed to be right/ Other times there were thoughts that should have stopped me/ I never listened. Now I have to. It comes with the territory/ When you’re in the middle of things you don’t think of consequences/ But they think of you and they wait/ You think results of your actions don’t have thoughts or feelings/ They do, and they know just when to visit/ Mine have come recently. I can’t atone for every little thing that they run through my brain/All I can do is push them through as fast as I can/ They’re on a loop. And it’s getting to the point that outside noise doesn’t drown them out/ They’re becoming persistent and really want to occupy the main part of my thoughts/ I won’t let them. I won’t banish them. I’ll find a comfortable room for them in my brain and visit/ I owe them that. Without them I wouldn’t have grown

See you tomorrow.