Randy Hill was not a blessed child. His father was a police officer in the city they lived in and his mother was a teacher. To complicate this Randy’s father believed in a strict upbringing with discipline ranging from a belt across the bottom to extended periods of isolation in Randy’s room. Randy’s mother was beautiful, not only to him but to most males that saw her. This bothered Randy who not only loved his mother but was in love with her. He’d find out about Oedipus later in life.
Randy went to the Catholic school his mother taught in. He discovered girls. Now, despite common belief, the girls sent to catholic school are not all bookish who will tend toward thickness as they get older. There are some real beauties. Among them was Leanne Michaels, an ash blonde with pale blue eyes and white eyelashes. She and Randy were friends in school. They read together in early grades and studied together in later grades. Randy just accepted her as his friend. He saw other girls who he wanted to talk to, then hold hands with, to kiss and at some point have sex with. But in elementary school Leanne was his only female friend. When they studied they talked Leanne about boys she had crushes on and he about girls he’d like to talk to.
By junior high Leanne had started going out with Mack Harris the second-string quarterback/field goal kicker. Randy couldn’t settle. He was able to talk to girls his age because Leanne had made it easy. He dated whoever would go out with him. He progressed. As he moved through the social scene he ran into girls who had attended parochial school. They interested him. After a series of dates many were willing to show him parts of their bodies that they promised no man would ever see until their wedding night. Some let him touch, some touched him. Then his world fell in.
His father, looking toward a comfortable retirement took a job in Florida as the police chief of a small town. Randy’s mother followed along but Randy wasn’t sure. He tried to score wit ay least one of the girls he’s dated, pleading eternal love. They offered a weak substitute. He was frustrated. There was a place he could turn, Leanne. She listened to his stories of trying to talk any girl he’d dated into having sex with him. She laughed. Not at his ineptitude but at the fact that Randy’s “progress” with the girls he dated was a secret and discovering he was still a virgin. They spent a long night together mostly talking. One thing lead to another and they got close. She kissed him. It was the sweetest kiss he’d ever had. She whispered in his ear, “I know where both of us want this to go, but you’re my friend and I want you to stay my friend.” Randy left frustrated.
The family drove to Florida with Randy in the back seat amusing himself with puzzles and books. He mostly pouted. It got to the point that his father considered putting him in the small trailer they were pulling with the essential household goods. They arrived in the town of Merlot. It was an armpit. Randy made this observation and so did anyone else who drove through. They settled in. Randy’s father in the police station, his mother in the junior high and Randy just beginning high school. He discovered rednecks. He’d heard about them in jokes or movies but here they were close-up. The rednecks were territorial and it wasn’t until his sophomore year that he got a date with a friend of a cheerleader. Running up to that were come-ons from sexually ambiguous female students who offered carnal pleasure and the possibility of STDs. The cheerleader’s friend and Randy consummated there relationship after seven weeks of dating. She’d been there before and it was his first rodeo. He took advantage and it took his partner’s quiet talk and comforting to convince him that this wasn’t just a one night thing. They dated through high school and were picked to go to the same local college. Randy chose one he and Leanne had talked about and got accepted. When he got there Leanne wasn’t there. Randy checked with her parents. She’d gone to a college out west.
He did his time coming home to see his parents and high school sweetheart. Before he graduated he tried one last time with Leanne’s parents. They told him she’d gone west after graduation and made some bad choices. They didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Randy was hurt, they’d been soul mates.
After graduation he went home and married his sweetheart. He did six years in the Air Force as a supply officer. His wife was the perfect mate. They had two children. He loved them and wished the best for them. His life seemed set. He was working as a district sales manager for a national chain. His mother called him at three one morning. His father, who’d retired and not quite adjusted had a stroke. He watched his father not recover. the old man gave up and died. His mother, still attractive was at a loss. Randy spent time with her, his wife might have insinuated that he was in love with his mother. They argued. They divorced. His mother pulled out of he doldrums. She met a man a few years younger whose vigor and joie d’ vie made her life sparkle.
Between visitation weekends and work there was little time for dating. Friends at work set him up on dates with appropriate women. They were boring. Randy began moving north. He took jobs setting up stores in new locations. He purposely avoided being noticed as a goo-getter. He was a steady employee who did his job and when it was done wanted to move on. The company obliged him. In three years he was home again.
He settled in. He traveled his territory. There were one night stands, two week romances, quickies with amenable soccer moms but nothing satisfying. He spent more and more time alone. He shopped for groceries at the same supermarket that was being built when he moved south. One Saturday he spotted an ash blonde pixie cut in the produce section. He knew he had to go and find out. He walked to the woman, “Leanne?” She turned around. She was twenty five at best. He was crushed. “But that’s my mom’s name.”
“How’s she doing. We knew each other in junior high. You look exactly like her.”
“I don’t know if I should be talking to you.”
Randy fished a pen and paper out of his shirt pocket. He wrote his name, a message and his phone number. He gave it to the girl. “Give this to your mother.”
Two days later he got a call. It was her. She invited him over. She lived in an apartment building that was doormanned and secure. When she let him in it took a minute or two for them to get accustomed to how life had treated them. She’d aged but still was beautiful. She had her ash blonde hair and pale blue eyes. They talked about how their lives had been. The made a date. A week later they had dinner. He took her back to his apartment. They moved from the living room to the bedroom. Randy couldn’t perform. He cried. She held him. They talked more. Sex wasn’t that important, but it would be fun. Randy saw his doctor and the company picked up the tab on “chemical leavening” as Leanne called it.
He took a pill. there was no ritual, incense, mood music or special lighting. Two friends got into bed together and made love. The kisses were sweet and Randy felt better than he’d ever been. When the prescription ran out they talked. They were in bed holding one another. They were in love. “Do you want me to refill the prescription?” “It’s up to you.” “Is it the sex? I can improve.” “No” She said. “You don’t understand, with us it’s not the sex it’s the closeness.”
The sex happened, not as often as before but it was celebrated.

I want the reader to look at this story as being told by a guy or woman who’s sat down next to you at a bar and after a drink or so tells you the story. It could have happened to them or someone they know. It wants to grow and in time I’ll let it. If you have comments or suggestions please post them in replies.