There are people in America who cover the political spectrum from left to right. The problem is radicals on the three ends. The third end is the center, yep radical centrists. The Right has had radicals, though they don’t like being called that, like the John Birch Society, Log Cabin Republicans and neo-fascist groups who attach themselves to the GOP because of the small government stance. The Left has a collection of radicals who’ve glommed on with hopes of universal government care. The center? The centrist radicals look at everything, want everything and can’t see a compromise that can’t be made to attain it.
I’m none of these. My mother was a Democrat, my father a Republican who late in his life backed Democratic candidates that he knew or liked. With him it hit during Nixon vs. Kennedy. His Catholic came out. Me, I registered an Independent. I listened to both sides. My late sister, Republican but I don’t think she understood what either party stood for, she was a more anti-voter. If you liked someone and she didn’t like you or your choice she’d vote against your interests regardless of how the outcome effected her.
Recently I’ve made remarks in replies to events that happened. One blogger was kind enough to e-mail me and tell me about consequences if my remarks were posted. I rewrote. My original remarks ran a bit to the Conservative, maybe slightly radical Conservative. That’s not me. I responded to an outrageous event perpetrated by person or persons who at the moment I wrote my reply deserved rough justice. On other occasions I’ve waxed Liberal, and support Social Security, Medicare and school lunches. Other time I truly believe both sides are asshats and grab someplace in the middle. When the Center doesn’t get off the dime trying to come up with something that is good for everybody, I get pissed. Here’s the problem, I’m not the exception, I’m the rule.
A conservative approaching sixty-five will believe in Social Security and Medicare if the money is tight. A liberal doesn’t want the government snooping in that nightstand drawer where the stash is hidden. And both sides think the speed limit is stupid. Both sides believe that government is the problem, for acting too much or not enough. Here’s the problem, it’s not the voters, they know what would comprise a good government. The government was a miracle of design, something never seen before, Sure, it had flaws, but there was a correction system. The problem lies in the people who lead the left and right. They’re influenced by people who want to coopt that side of the argument. If you get people to believe what you preach is the truth you’ll have their hearts and minds, and money. When the people believe in what YOU want you can start, continue and end wars to suit you. You can get in bed with dictators if it suits your purpose. The people will send money and their children as long as you have their hearts and minds no matter how corrupt the enterprise.
The Golden Rule prevails as defined by the King in the Wizard of ID: “He who has the gold, makes the rules.”

See you tomorrow.