This is a twofer. Prejudice and pillows. I don’t hope to tie them together. Pillows was the first choice but my dark side took over.

I am prejudiced. Often in the good way, against dictators, bigots, intolerant people and asshats in general. No, it’s not like that. When I se a black man with a beautiful blonde on his arm I get a twinge in my heart, not in a good place and I’m jealous. When the Puerto Rican tenant on Section Eight where the State pays his rent, on the first floor moved his infested furniture out and didn’t bother to notify the landlord or other tenants, I don’t wish him well. In fact I desired bodily harm on him. He moves and I get the stink eye from the other tenants because the landlord showes up the spray equipment at my apartment. When senior citizens block aisles and move slowly through the supermarket I wish that they would be allotted their own time, like before 6 am. I hear the problems of old age moving in on me and hope I’ll be missed. This is the first time I’ve vocalized some of them. There’s more but they’re obscure and esoteric. I hold them in. Society frown an you screaming racist or ageist comments at people. This is because I know biracial couples who have been friends and were better than many same race couples. Probably because of the false facades they face from bigots. There have been Puerto Ricans who’ve I’ve served in the military with, worked with, and met as I moved through life that spent their lives struggling to earn enough money to pay the bills. As for ageism, it’s coming for me. I can’t stop it. I can only pray that I don’t become debilitated. I can pray for an Assisted Suicide Act in Connecticut. If I might have tarnished the times that I’ve posted humanitarian ideas, look inside.

When I moved back to New Britain and got a waterbed I bought six pillows. They were foam and over the years they molded and formed. I could bend them and get a great night’s sleep. I was happy until recently when I had to dispose of them. I bought new ones. they sucked. they didn’t bend and they didn’t fit my head. When I bought them I bought 2 soft, 2 medium and 2 firm. I worked through the permutations until I wound up with two soft, one medium and one firm. The rotation changes as my need for sleep changes. Lately it’s been one soft and a medium with the soft crushed up. The others are taking a rest in a plastic container. One other thing, in the bedding purge I got rid of the cover I slept under. I found the replacement in Wal-Mart. It’s light-weight and you can grab it and toss it around.

Okay if you want to call me out as a hypocritical asshat do it. Post it in replies. I’ll read it and reply. I won’t justify. I know I’m wrong, it’s just ingrained. Wait until tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.