Today, someone person or persons unknown planted two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. It went off at 3:10 pm. Initially it killed two and injured hundreds. The television news media carried the chaos. It’s going to get worse. People will bear scars, physical and emotional. The country will carry a massive scar. Not from physical damage but from the thought that terrorists can strike anywhere. We’re all vulnerable. The terrorists don’t have to kill a lot to throw us into a panic. We’ve come to believe we’re semi-isolated, It’s a throwback to 1700’s and 1800’s when we were isolated and protected by two oceans and the lack of technology. The terrorists killed two and counting and injured a hundred and counting, they’ve accomplished their mission. To take the evil empire and show it that they can inflict damage. Every Boston official was on the air and here in Connecticut we got into the spirit by sending bomb techs and having Lt. Paul Vance speak to the media. Every time there’s a major crime or crises that involves the State Police, Lt. Vance is the spokesperson. The President came on and spoke. It was a fresh speech. To the point, no bullshit. All we have to do is keep calm, move forward and not let the bastards get to us. If and when we find out who is responsible for this act should be appointed incompetent lawyers, tried before a bias judge and acquitted by an unfair jury. They should be allowed to walk down the courthouse steps where the will be shot by multiple members of the NRA. The NRA always wanted something to put them in a good light.