Last Friday I got a call from a functionary at the VA Medical Facility informing me I would not be allowed services until I was checked for bedbugs. I was crushed. Saturday I was pissed and by Sunday I had calmed down enough to formulate a plan. I called on Monday and talked to a machine, the patient advocate and a few other people. I was still not allowed. They knew I had planned to we-mail my Congresswoman and Senators, the VA and the State Veteran’s people. Tuesday a compromise was reached and I’ve got my appointments back and some of my dignity.

Tuesday was also spent at a car dealership. I took my 2006 PT Cruiser in for a Spring Check-up and an oil change. It came to about $70 but I got a $50 gift card. I brought my Nook. The appointment began at 1 pm and lasted until 4 pm. The main pert was the oil change, the Spring Check-up was a fishing expedition conducted by the dealer while they topped off fluids. I got the bill $70. The service guy had a “but”. I knew that was going to hurt. He read the bad news; a tune-up $145, induction system $120, wiper blades $30 and boots for rear suspension $1200. My initial urge was to make an appointment ASAP. The total was over $1400. Oh yeah, I forgot that third brake light, you know the annoying one that semis are supposed to see. Another $60. On the way home I decided to bundle. The tune-up, brake light and induction system the end of April and the rear end in June. The wiper blades were under a year old. They gave it a shot. I would’ve done the same thing.

I’ve noticed Dr. Oz has endorsed at least three diet plans. As a diet aficionado if find that odd. Wouldn’t he just find one he believes that will work and stick with it. Do they all work? Does he get paid? Does the fact he’s on syndicated TV and is Oprah’s buddy give him gravitas?

A teacher was fired when he gave a student his Bible to look up a quotation. 1) This is stupid. She was using it as a reference, he didn’t offer any religious folderol. 2) Why the hell doesn’t the school library carry a copy of the Bible, it’s literature. Apologize to the guy, give him his job back, admit you’re wrong.

ABC aired on Saturday, for two hours Bet On Your Baby, the newest in game shows in the vein of Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Weakest Link. All I saw was a two year old stacking Oreos and another making the sound of animals her father showed her on flash cards. The money goes for the kid’s college education. The money should be used to take the kids, place them in a Children’s Protection Program with parents who won’t exploit their kids and live vicariously through them. The parents should be sterilized.

The washing machine crapped out. I threw a load in on Friday and it didn’t have a spin cycle. The Murph thinks it the agitator or the clutch. I think it’s the belt. I’ll find a nearby repair shop and have them check it out. I’ll tell them about the idiosyncrasies and tell just change the belt if that’ll make it work. If not, does repair shop have reconditioned washers and will they take the old one away? Note to self get landlord to put up clothesline.

Some music, these are songs and feelings that bounced around inside my head this week:

Simon and Garfunkel owned this song Mumford and Sons put the spirit and energy it needs. I felt this way after dealing with the VA.

I like Heart. But, lately I’ve been watching commercials for products like Cialis that are targeted at people in my age group. they’re mature couples in relationships that reflect reality. They hit me very close to my soul.

This explains; Katy Nash, Mumford and Sons, Imelda May, The Band, Aimee Mann along with Bob Dylan (Guess what CD) and Neil Young being in the music queue. And why Patricia O’Callaghan, Nilsson, Randy Newman and Maria Schneider are being processed by Amazon.

If the music sends you to YouTube to find more great. If you’ve got a teen female in your house point her to Jenna Marbles. I read about her in the NYT and watched a few of her blogs. They’re a little rough but the hit home and your teen already is hearing this.

See you tomorrow.