This was going to be about lawyers but the KK post is too much for anyone to handle. I know, no sweetness and light. Right now I don’t feel it. Okay let’s start. The list is not in any particular order or degree of lousiness.
Rehteah Parsons hanged herself after pictures of her being raped went viral. Classmates bullied her, police didn’t prosecute.
“My daughter wasn’t bullied to death, she was disappointed to death. Disappointed in the people she thought she could trust, her school and the police.” Her father posted on his personal website.
“Rehteah is gone today because of the four boys that thought that raping a 15-year-old girl was OK and to distribute the photo to ruin her spirit and reputation would be fun.” Her mother posted on the Facebook page she created.
It doesn’t fucking stop does it?

An illegal abortion clinic wasn’t inspected for seventeen years due to pro-choice policy.
72-year-old Kermit Gosnell is charged with killing 7 babies and accused of killing in gruesome and late term abortions. Prosecutors claim Gosnell “snipped” the necks of viable babies. He exploited low-income immigrant women who couldn’t get abortions anywhere else. Pennsylvania health inspectors stopped inspections in 1995. They tried to bring inspections but it was decided not to due to political infighting.
I would not be around if abortion was freely available in 1948. That doesn’t mean squat to me. The right to bear children should be left up to women who are actually ii on the process. Not by old men who fantasize about how immoral these women were during conception.

The Arkansas House says that victims of rape and incest will no longer be able to procure abortions after 20 weeks. The State Senate prohibited abortion when the heart bet is detected.
Planned Parenthood says: “The bill has nothing to do with the health and safety of a woman. It’s an attempt to chip access to abortion”
Like I’ve said men are in on the conception until they’ve done the planting. The majority are around for the woman. But they have no right to legislate what goes on in a woman’s body. To quote the famous author “If men got pregnant abortion would be a sacrament”

A seventeen-year-old Maryland girl who enlisted in the Army Reserve was allegedly killed by a 31-year-old staff sergeant who helped recruit her.
Adam Anthony Arndt shot high school honor student Michelle Lynne Miller in his townhouse. She had been infatuated with him. She told her parents she was going to with someone who was suicidal.
Her father suspects romantic involvement even though military bars recruiters from having relationships with prospects.
Miller signed up to pay tuition. She wanted to study psychology and treat combat victims.
Arndt was a nine year veteran. He worked in Maryland as a recruiter since 200i.
I know what rank can do. Not authority, rank, being above someone and implying they are beholden to you.

My favorites:
The Red Sox,; John Henry purchased the Sox with hedge fund money. His partner charted his private plane to the CIA who used it for renditions. Henry gave almost $1M to the Democrats between 1992 and 2004. The Sox used to be known as a team of fat white men, they were one of the last teams to integrate.
The New York Mets; Fred Wilpon was scammed big time by Bernie Madoff. Wilpon had invested $550M. He sold the naming right of the new stadium to Citigroup for $400M after the bank received $45B in TARP money. An Amway meeting space/recruiting center has moved into Citifield.

The New York Yankees; Steinbrenner the Elder was banned from baseball twice, once for having a gambler spy on a player, the second time for attempting to cover up illegal campaign contributions to Nixon’s in 1972. The current owner, his sons have copyrighted the phrase “the Evil Empire”

To check your team out go to: http://’04/matrix-major-league-baseball-asshole

To counteract everyone listed above, Jonathan Winters died on 4/11 of natural causes. He will be missed. On his worst day he was worth more than all of the above.

See you tomorrow.