This is going be short. I’m not too far away from lunch and my gag reflex isn’t what it used to be. This post is cursed. KK knows it’s coming. It can’t hurt her, but she doesn’t like being discomfited. I spilled juice on the floor, when I tried to grab a lid for a container seven attached themselves to it and spilled all over the kitchen floor. I lost the remote for my TV. (It was on the floor under the cover I put over the couch. I begin, knowing the consequences.
Kris Mary Houghton was born on November 5, 1955. She lived a normal life. In 1987 she married Robert Kardashian, an attorney. She had four daughters; Kimberly Noel, Khloe Alexandria and Kourtney Mary. She had two sons. She divorced Robert in 1991. They remained friends. She married Bruce Jenner, American athletic icon and cover of a Wheaties box. The daughters appeared on the media radar in 2009. They were determined to be “stars” to be followed. And flocks of paparazzi followed documenting every move the daughters made. Kris appeared in the role of caring or chiding mother when one of the daughters was caught en flagrante or had a sex tape “leaked”. She became a celebrity herself, albeit not as large as her daughters or near the past fame of her second husband. The daughters have monopolized the covers of tabloid magazines and tabloid television. She has sat in the center of the web manipulating every strand and luring in more common people dazzled by the Kardashian lifestyle.
While married to Robert Kardashian she had an affair with a soccer player, “Ryan”, who I believe was an emissary for a certain nefarious figure in literature, specifically religious and other horror stories. She was given “powers”. She passed them on to the Klan of K, her daughters. Her first use of these “powers” came when her first husband died of cancer after defending the alleged killer of her friend Nicole Simpson. Her second husband has withered, and has needed plastic surgery to be able to present a face that won’t repulse the world.
Her sons? In a matriarchal society they’re need for procreation. As Kris is past the age of fruitfulness. She views her sons as an adjunct to her daughters conquest of the world. They are expendable except to beget more females with the K brand.
I Kris Kardashian Jenner dangerous? Possibly no. she has fulfilled her duty, to either prepare the path for the antichrist or bear her. In the supermarket there were no less than six magazines with a Kardashian daughter on the cover. This kind of exposure inures the public to any maleficence.
See you tomorrow. I’m beginning to taste lunch.