Three young men in Connecticut were arrested for statutory rape. Two were eighteen and one was seventeen. The girls were thirteen. They said the sex was consensual. People have lined up along a dividing line, many, above twenty one simply state “Underage sex is illegal, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Some younger people believe the girls were known for distributing their sexual favors liberally. It comes down to judgment.
For most adolescent males the judgment zone is located somewhere south of the navel and a bit north of mid-thigh. They’re proud of it. I know I was there once. To parents reading this saying “My son isn’t like that, he attends church on Sunday and we’ve taught him to respect women. Nonsense. When they’re sitting in services they are checking out potential talent. I did it many males I’ve talked to had fond memories of one particular girl or young woman that the would really like to get close to. Mine was a particularly attractive young lady maybe few years older than I was. I saw her every Sunday in the same pew with her family. I watched in distant admiration. My first unrequited crush. We switched churches not denominations. There were a whole new group of women. Some I went to school with. they were different dressed in Sunday finery and out of the casual school wear. Again unrequited. Now these three adolescents, they believed they were entitled. To gratification, power and the general reinforcement of the male imperative. Having sex with two thirteen year olds didn’t enter their minds as criminal and at least immoral. They were too busy being satiated. They showed no judgment. The kicker is an attorney will put forth an argument that they were minors, unable to make proper decisions or at best they were seduced by the thirteen year old vixens. Bullsh**. There is no male walking the Earth that at one time or another hasn’t had a Lolita moment. The thing is the vast majority let it slide or at least file it in the deep dark recesses of the psyche. Those that act are criminals, they are taking the youth away from the victims. If the situation is reversed and the female is the predator it’s news and every male has a flashback to the high school teacher that they crushed on. Trust me I know, it sometimes visits at night, and I wonder.
The girls, or as the press calls them “The victims”. To paraphrase judge Judy the eminent jurist “They had the judgment of a turtle.” If teenaged boys are manipulated by their testosterone influx, young girls are swamped by physical and hormonal changes. This isn’t helped by the old wives tales and advice from relatives who have left puberty in the rear view mirror. These girls must have felt an immense boost in self esteem when older boys took an interest in them. They must have thought the sex was a gift or a tether for older, taboo boyfriends. They didn’t think. If rumor is true that they were spreading their favors regularly it was because they attached sexual favors to belonging. I’m not going to say that sex should be solely confined to procreation. We’re supposed to have some pleasure. Being saintly and prayerful is a an admirable goal but the outside, you know those things we’ve been told aren’t nice. They have an insidious voice, the more saintly the louder. Look to the news for those who’ve fallen, most of them have a saintly façade. Back to the girls, maybe it was an open secret that they were promiscuous. Should have the adults around the girls heard something? At school? At home? Their peer group? The girls didn’t consider unwanted pregnancy or did they think a abortion would miraculously appear. Or they’d marry the father and live happily ever after. Or maybe they’d get lucky and nothing would happen except they would have a boyfriend. They showed that they didn’t think. They sought approval and closeness. They wanted to be part of the “in” crowd. They are now anonymous persons in an action being taken against their rapists.
Personally I believe that the males should be locked away with the most hostile group of inmates possible. If they’re lucky they won’t get raped. At best they’ll be terrorized by career criminals who take short shrift with those who commit crimes and don’t know the risks. In the case of the young males those who don’t respect the consequences. Believe or not most criminals are aware of the result of being caught. It’s part of the job. That’s why they hire attorneys to get them off on technicalities despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The boys have a good chance of getting excellent representation, they’re will be a bake sale or two, pleas for donations and money from people who think the girls got what they deserved. The girls? I hope they can get past this. It’s not likely. There will be scars. Some self inflicted, some administered by a righteous public. I hope they seek counseling to disconnect sex from the need for approval. I can only wish that the stigma is lost, again, not likely. We’re Puritans here in Connecticut. It’s our strong suit. We won’t let you forget, but, and this is a real big but, if you keep out of their sight they’ll find someone else to torment. We’re good that way. You’ll notice nowhere in the post did I mention getting right with God. This is a human matter. He already knows what we’re capable of.
See you tomorrow.