“God created man, then man recreated God.”

God with the capital G is the one we believe in, the one with the small g is who everyone else believes in. This is my view of God. He spent eons cruising the void creating universes, inhabiting them and when they could operate on their own He moved on. He one patch of the void He’d never really visited caught His eye and he decided on o whole new idea. Instead of nursing the cosmos along He’d bring this one forth and let whatever happen, happen. He stuck His finger into the emptiness and let it spark. Then He sat back to watch the fireworks. It was a huge explosion, even by His standards. The particles shifted and changed. They joined and separated. After a while it wound up being ten planets around a medium star. The tenth planet was too far out to be noticed. He chose a planet, the third one in, and made it habitable. He started the soup. It simmered. One cell, two cell and on and on. The swam, crawled out of the water slithered, grew legs, walked, on four then some on two. He watched. This place showed promise. Some of the two legged ones began to socialize and develop intelligence. To be able to keep tabs He colored their skins. The ones on the East end of a big land mass showed a tendency to look inward. He liked this self-awareness, less to worry about. Farther East there was a landmass with red and brown people on it. They saw Him in everything, He liked this, they took care of His creation. Farther East separated by a vast body of water was a land of rocks and cold. The people there worshipped everything. They needed work. In a desert part of the world there was a people who might help. He found one, Moses. He told him the story of the creation. Not the real story, Moses couldn’t wrap his mind around that, but an allegory. Then He told Moses to write everything down so He could look it over when He checked back in. He told Moses to have the leaders write everything down. As He was turning to leave, Moses said, “Let my people go.” A reasonable request. A few tricks a major event or two Moses and his followers had a place of their own. They began to pray to Him, give Him names they wouldn’t say. He liked the attention. There were problems. Other people who worshipped Him became angry and they all began to fight among themselves. He needed another plan.
He put Plan B to work. He spread rumors that a Savior was coming. He sent an avatar to talk the idea up. He made a virgin pregnant, got her married and made her son a star. He called the son, Son, giving Him equality and gravitas. The Son preached a message of inclusion, love and understanding. The Original was happy. Some of His worshippers weren’t getting on to Plan B and worshipping the Son. The old timers killed the Son. He wasn’t happy. He gave them the ultimate mind changer. After the Son had been buried, He brought Him back to life and had Him walk around and visit. That caught some notice. He brought the Son home. He had them write it down, including his plan for their world when it had run its course.

Over time it scared some but a lot didn’t pay attention because when the people who’d been writing decided to stop they put the good stuff at the end. He began to realize that His creation wasn’t going to run itself. He hung on, hoping they’d mature. But every time they made some progress they’d screw up. He’d made death ugly and brutal but it didn’t matter. They still kept at it in increasing numbers. The Son’s followers who preached peace and understanding began to fight among themselves. Later, the “Christians” moved West and converted all of the red and brown people, who, by the way were doing quite well in their relationship with Him. One group who really worshipped Him and created their ruling system “under Him” thought up a way to incinerate thousands of their brethren in seconds And, they were proud of it. But they spoiled it. They began to see themselves as His representatives on the planet. They believed that it was their job to make everyone believe in Him as they saw Him. This caused problems. More fights, everybody had the “right path” and anyone who didn’t follow that path was evil in His eyes. At some point He gave up and moved on.

He started over in a humdrum part of the void. Same plan, fireworks, development. They pretty much went the same way. He kept of some of the names and rules. He named the planet, Earth. He let them develop. They pretty much went the same way. He couldn’t figure what had gone wrong. Earth was a clone of the last place. This time they not only killed each other in His name they raped the planet under the guise that if He hadn’t put the riches there they would be remiss if they didn’t use them.
Lately, He’s been watching closely. His children have seemed to lose interest in killing each other and have begun killing the planet He created. He’s not happy. Maybe He wants to go back to the days when He was a drifter. He didn’t have people trying to imagine what He should or cannot look like. He’d find a property and improve it and move on. The one He’d spent so much time on was running down.
Maybe, if we ask Him like Moses did for help, He’ll assist us. Me, I’m holding out for the “Major Calamity” scenario. The whole infrastructure will come crashing down on us and we’ll look to Him and maybe He’ll give us a second chance.

See you tomorrow.