I don’t know where I first saw the word. Probably in a blog posted by a woman from Texas. I’ve adopted the word. It’s replaced motherfudger, fudgenuts, spit for brains, and entire lexicon of swear words that it took me a lifetime to accumulate. I’ve used in calling out the various people that infest parts of my life. At first I used it in my blog to describe politicians. It spread to religious leaders. At the time that seemed the main source. Boy, was I wrong. A quick (two hour) scan of the various newspapers bookmarked into my favorites. I picked the papers for crossword puzzles but I discovered the papers carried “human interest” stories. After reading some of them, I noticed that there were stories that made it into the paper because the main person in the story was demonstrating an unbelievable unawareness of their relationship with the rest of humanity.
I began A**hat of the Week. It was a tribute to the person who appeared in the post who stood out as an example of a**hattedness. It usually turned out to be someone who just deserved it. Sometimes I found an obscure person who rose above the masses treading water in the seas of existence. Nobody else would notice them, except for neighbors and reporters who wrote their story. I think that now would be a nice time to announce The A**hat of the Week for last week: Joseph Mastropolo, a kinesiologist who is willing to match the $10G anyone is willing to put up to decide the validity of literal interpretation of the Bible. Joseph is a chiropractor. He writes for a Christian website. He has two strikes against him. The third strike comes with his choice of venues; a minitrial, a nonbinding judgment. If he believed that strongly, with internet access he’d be able to scare up more money and find a binding decision.
As to the word a**hat. After extensive research in dusty stacks in libraries that are rarely frequented only brought fragments of its origins. The earliest mention is in a Phoenician manuscript where it is referred to Xanious Pectiuo. Literally “rectal cranial inversion” a feat that required agility and a great degree of limberness. The term travelled the Middle East for centuries. When Roman became the lingua franca it fell out of use. In Edwardian England certain scholars referred to pedants as having looked within, only having taken the wrong entry to find the soul. The phrase moved to the United States where it worked its way to the working class. they adopted the phrase but truncated it to “someone with his head up his a**” It later became a**hat.
A Guide to A**hats
Far Left, Far Right and Far Center politicians. The Left want government to solve all problems. The Right wants the people to function under social Darwinism (they don’t buy evolution), the Center is looking for compromise but refuses to accept the fact that some problems require radical solutions.
True Believers: If they don’t have an open mind and want to convert you. Real potential.
People who believe rules don’t apply to them.
People who spend more on their pets than they do on helping others.
People who want to show you the latest shiny thing they’ve bought.
Anyone who has a product to sell and spends thirty minutes of television time to do it.
Anyone who tells you they can cure a physical problem with a “miracle”
People who endorse the “miracle cures”
People who refuse to stop and wonder at nature.
Lastly people who waste time pointing a**hats out. You should be able to find them yourself.

See you tomorrow.