That Was Then

We moved to Blake Road while I was in second grade. For a while I was alone with my cousins. I met the kid across the street. His name was Barry and he was overindulged. He had an older sister, but he was the apple of their eye. One of the first thing he told me was to stay away from the house that was next door. He meant the creepy house with the barn in the back yard. Barry told me there was an old man who never left his bed and spent his days spying on his neighbors. There was also a bigger threat, his grandson, Stevie. Stevie was the youngest of three brothers who were semi-criminal. That meant they hadn’t graduated to B&E but were looking for open windows. Stevie was my age. He aspired to join his brothers who wanted nothing to do with him. They were discovering women, in print and in the flesh. Barry was always willing to invite me over to his house. He had the latest toys and his parents didn’t exercise too much control. We spent a lot of time watching TV and making up stories about exploits we’d been on even though we were both just a step removed from diapers. Barry went to public school, Stevie attended the same one. They weren’t in the same class because Barry knew in his heart that Stevie would turn him into his personal punching bag.
At school I was becoming more isolated. I had a best friend but not much else. The nuns by now had branded me as lazy and disruptive. Raising my hand to go to the basement, as the boy’s and girl’s rooms were called were interpreted as effort on my part to be a “wiseacre”. So I went home several Times with wet corduroys, and a note pinned to my shirt questioning my toilet training. Also about this time the school introduced face to face parent teacher meetings. Not only were my parents getting daily bulletins about my behavior they were going to get an “unembellished” (quotes mine) version of what happened, with visual aids. Papers the nun had saved of work that she didn’t believe was up to snuff. This made for some very interesting evenings when my parents got home. It usually entailed me getting whacked with a belt, me crying and promising to do better and me going to bed with revenge fantasies. Not against my parents.
My social life began to fall into a pattern. I wanted female companionship and they didn’t think it was a good idea, with all the popular boys available. I developed a crush on Marcia. She was Irish Catholic from a family that had many members, cousins and such in school. She had red hair, green eyes and to me showed potential to grow into a beautiful woman. She ignored me.

Some music:

Etta James had a hit with this song too, not many of my circle heard it. The original title was “Work with me Henry” you can see why there was a name change.

Yeah, he says he’s a Christian but what he did to Rock and Roll make him the Antichrist in some people’s eyes.

This Is Now

First, in my last post I said I was starting the Blood Sugar Solution diet on April 1st. I finished the book. Stuff came up. 1) I’m on this alone and don’t need to be making dinners for four. They take up space and are wasteful. 2) A lot of the products aren’t readily available in the markets I frequent. 3) A lot of them are expensive and I have a limited budget. 4) It was way to restrictive for my tastes. Instead I called the VA. The guy at the call center put me in for a consult with a dietician. I’m also hooked into an on-line system for prescriptions and appointment notification. I’ve done this before, it worked for me.

It being Holy Week I thought that we should have an odd bit about a God-like personage. Justin Beiber went shirtless through airport security in Rome. A) Waay too much ego. The little bugger is what 18? And rich?
Scottish windfarm is pissing off Donald Trump. It’s near one of his golf courses. One word: good.

Joseph Mastropolo is willing to get into a $20G debate over the literal meaning of the Bible. He’ll put up 10G and whoever wants to debate puts up 10G. The money is held in escrow. The debate will be a mini-trial; a voluntary non-binding courtroom model. Whoever wins gets the dough. Joseph comes with really sterling credentials, he writes for The Creation Hall of Fame website and he practices kinesiology. That’s chiropractor for those of us who aren’t snowed easily. Talk about working out of a shadowy area, spine cracking and trying to convince people of something that has pretty much been dismissed as an allegory.

It’s Good Friday (not for Jesus) and yesterday the Pope washed the feet of twelve teen-aged inmates. Not good. With all of this priest an boy thing it might infer some bad things. The inmates were teenaged girls. Maybe better?

Spoil your pet (from Petcentric)
Set play dates. Their lives are freakin’ play dates. My cat, my stomach, 5 am.
Buy matching leash and collar. If you want the other dogs at the park calling you dog gay.
Take a trip to the pet store. This is insanity. Go shopping with three sugar fueled 3 yr olds.
Start a new activity. Remember pets have a short attention span and a long memory.
Use special food bowls. They don’t care. They eat food that’s dropped off the dinner table.
Enroll you dog in Doggie Day Care. In my view, a waste of money and a semi-scam.
Monogrammed pet bed. WTF!!!

That Was Then/This Is Now will appear non Sundays during April. I’m taking part in The A to Z Challenge. It’s writing a daily blog beginning with A and continuing daily through the end of the month.

See you on Monday.