That Was Then

Leftovers from last week: My mother was still relatively healthy. When I got into school she joined The Mother’s Club, an organization sponsored by the school to raise money for the school and promote a good religious life at home. She went to meetings and I was left in the care of my father at his Broad Street liquor store. One of the hangers on was a cousin Donald, he was a fan of paperback detectives and comics. There also was a radio on at all times. At night I got to listen to the beginning of the end of radio. I imprinted.
My mother’s religiosity ramped up. We began kneeling in front of the radio and reciting to Rosary. I could twirl those beads. It helped when later in life I tried to meditate using a mantra. Religion, it puts you into a trance.

Being allowed into First Grade was an introduction to regimentation. We were made to stand in two lines, one for boys, one for girls. We had to remain quiet. We couldn’t touch. We were being repressed and didn’t know it. We just did it. My mother began to get notes pinned to my shirt relaying to her my transgression of the day. It usually resulted in a spanking and being sent to my room. My parents partied and I began to see that alcohol made you happy and everybody was wonderful. Until the next morning when you got a hangover. I thought it was having to throw your arms over the clothes line in the kitchen and hang over it. When they partied and went into their bedroom there was noise and laughing. I was kept in my room. I had toys and books. It was then I began to realize that once I read a book I remembered it. When I read out loud the words sounded like I heard them “Oh, oh” became “Uh, oh” This introduced me to log distance discipline with a yardstick with a nun on the end. One thing began, a phrase I heard a lot “He’s bright but he doesn’t try” That got a belt across the ass or being chased around until I got hit. I never learned it was no use to run, they always catch you. To avoid getting whacked I stayed in my room. I became friends with a kid named Tommy. We were great friends, our mothers hit it off though I think parenting was different in Tommy’s home. My cousins who had lived in my Grandfather’s house were leaving. One new thing came into my life, teenaged girls as babysitters. It was when my kind view of females (not girls or women) developed. And my first four or five crushes. They’re the worst, you’re jealous of boyfriends but can’t replace them. Girls at school pretty much viewed me a brown nose who answered questions to show off and get attention. They were waiting for my fall. It was coming.

Some music from 1954,1st grade approximately:

It was recorded by a black group The Chords, they didn’t make the Billboard charts.

This Is Now

I’m bug free. The landlord last attack seems to have done the job. What’s next? Squirrels? Wombats?

Bought a new TV on Tuesday. Schlepped between Best Buy, Wal Mart and Target. There were changes. I started out at 26″ and wound up with 19″. Began with a list of brands that I recognize and wound up with a dark horse brand. Setting it up was a whole ‘nother ballgame. I followed the instructions. I violated the Man Code and read the User’s Manual before I did anything. I screwed up big time. I got to know tech support really well. Three techies named Francis, Robert and Edward attempted to guide me through the set-up procedure. Funny, they all sounded Indian (not Kiowa, Bangalore). I gave up on them. Went to the cable company. I was angry (not close) enough to pay a service fee. The cable company tech support and the service personnel hate each other ( except for the Christmas party when they get drunk and listen to customers have meltdowns during calls recorded for quality control purposes. Tech services lies, or at least doesn’t tell the whole truth. You know when the tech says they’ll send a signal to refresh your box and it should take a few minutes, no. You’re in a queue. It might be 200 or 2000. They’ll get to you when your turn comes. I was lucky. The service man showed at eight this morning. He explained most of what I just said. The TV came on while he was here.

Settling: I settled. There, I’ve said it. I wanted a 26″ TV and bought a 19″. I wanted a sound bar to improve the sound quality on the TV. I bought a set of semi-hi-tech speakers until Target or Wal Mart have a 28″ long one in stock. In my heart I never settle, except in essential matters like TVs and sound quality or a special brand of crew socks.

DOMA is got to go. The problem is we have a group making the decision is old, appointed for life and seem to be preoccupied with push-ups, the physical kind not the mental kind. I think there should be term limits on Justices. When things are moving at the speed of thought we’re letting them make decisions on things that were not mentioned when many of them were young. And, they have prejudices. The Constitution allows for separation of Church and State. Some Justices don’t think so. Just because you might mention God in the document it doesn’t mean He’s to be part of every decision.

I’ve entered the A to Z Blogfest or something. I had it written in the notes but lost them. What it amounts to is my followers or anyone who finds it will be treated to a blog a day running from A to Z beginning on April 1st.

I also start The Blood Sugar Solution on April 1st. I’m doing it to lose weight and get off the meds I’m taking. Don’t worry I’m not going to flush them or raffle certain one off to anyone who could give me a 500 piece on why they’ll sing the praise of my posts to their followers. They’ll just fall away. I waiting to hear from my doctor.