I did something yesterday. I read my previous blog. It sucked. It was boring, self absorbed and was a lot of “Look at me, I have a life.” I made a decision. I’m going to tell my story. From Day One, the whole boring story. It will explain a lot. Why I bloviate. Why my ego is bigger than the Pacific but actually I feel like shit. This thing will be as true as it should be. Why am I doing this? Yesterday I went to the VA and found out I weighed 304. My feet were swollen, my back hurt and I didn’t want to die. The weight is an issue I’m dealing with. It’s not a matter of overeating, I’m addicted to food. It’s warmth and love. More on that later. It starts Friday. I’ll try to tell my story. I’ll bring in people who had an effect, you can guess who some of them are. I never got a lot of facts from older relatives so some of what will come out is conjecture. It was a different generation. One thing, there will be no bullshit. I’m done. Nobody wants to listen professionally so I’ll explain it to you loyal followers.

I mentioned weight and diet above. I’m looking into three diets; The Aztec Diet. The F-Factor and The Green Coffee Diet. I’m going to check them out. I know I should check with my doctor but she’ll fall back on diet and exercise. My back hurts, I get winded and I am lazy. I need a jump start. I tried Nutrisystem and lost 80 lbs. but as soon as I stopped I put it all back on. Weight Watchers is a successful program but I don’t want to spend my life counting and juggling. Bariatric surgery is a possibility but not likely. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Last night and Monday I listened to Imelda May. Monday was Love Tattoo, last night Mayhem. She’s rock-a-billy, a lot of rock with a dose of billy. This is not to say she can’t slow it down and sing a semi-ballad. She can. Oh God, she can. Tonight More Mayhem is in the queue. It features Roadrunner a video that I posted a blog or two back. Check it out. All of her stuff is available on Amazon. Also after I posted UPS showed with the above CDs and a load of Neil Young.

Okay, Friday we start. I’ll tell the truth. See you on Friday.