I spent my 13th sober St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. It’s been a while since I spent an afternoon swilling beer, slugging Jameson’s and pigging out on corned beef. For a lot of people it was a release, for me it was just another day, except there would be more people in the bar. I can’t say that I sometimes don’t wish I could go back to bar-hopping as a hobby without the consequences. Even if I got home unscathed I paid. Yesterday was a day with minimal physical and emotional payout. It was tame but worth it. I started at 1 in the afternoon tossing the corned beef into the spaghetti pot. The one with the drainer insert. Down the road I tossed in potatoes. No cabbage for me. I like it but it stays forever. I had Brussels’s sprouts in mind. When the meat was done I pulled the meat, separated the potatoes and put the cook pot in the sink to soak. When the meat had rested I carved two slices and buttered three small potatoes. I settled in to watch L.A. Confidential on HBO. I’ve read the book and seen the movie at least four times but I love it. It’s part of a trilogy and I have no idea why they didn’t make the other two books. I followed the story like a virgin reader. Every twist was new and pieces began to fall in place. Though Russell Crowe’s character is my favorite because he’s looking for redemption but at first doesn’t know it but James Cromwell is perfect. He’s behind everything and believes that because he’s corrupt everyone else can be corrupted. Kevin Spacey is a dedicated cop who has the bad luck to be one of us who occasionally screws up in front of people. Kim Basinger is a wonderful prostitute with a heart of gold and the desire to gain it. If you look quickly you’ll see Simon Baker “The Mentalist” as actor caught up in the motion that is the storyline. The dishes waited and when the credits ran I finished a piece of cheesecake and hit the sink. Spent the rest of the night with Mel Brooks, Robert Klein and Ellen DeGeneres. By that time it was 2am. and my meds were climbing up on me. I climbed into bed but I needed music. I pulled the next CD in the queue. Perfect St. Patrick’s Day coda; The Dropkick Murphys. A beloved Boston Irish thrash band who would have labored in obscurity except for the fact that the Sox made the World Series in 2004. The band got interviewed because of a pro-Sox song they had and the world discovered them. I listened to the whole CD. They’re rude, crude and at times a bit hard to take. They get their point across. The CD I have is Going Out In Style. For public consumption my favorite songs are Going In Style and The Hardest Mile. The one I want on a burned CD is Hang ’em High.

One bad thing, this weekend my feet swelled up. I’m diabetic and know that this might be one of the little goodies that go with the disease. I’ve also been bitten by bed bugs, so there’s that. I called the VA this morning and talked to a nurse who got me a slot with my Primary Care Physician. One small thing, 5 pm to 7 pm has been scheduled for the development of inclement weather. You know, snow to heavier snow to sleet to freezing rain to rain. All by 10 am tomorrow. My appointment? 9:30 am, of course. Sneakers, iffy walking, ice, a trifecta made in heaven.

I know I carry little weight with those of you who read my meanderings. But I’ve got a favor to ask. Call, e-mail 0r write PepsiCo and tell them the last thing we need is Pizza Hut Pizza Sliders. First of all the pizza is an abomination. Second it’s too expensive. Three you and the family can have a nice Saturday or Sunday night making homemade pizza. Four if you do three you won’t be a lackey to corporate America.

Spent the afternoon watching TruTV’s World’s Dumbest. They had a minimarathon. I love watching people who scare the s*** out of me on the road from the safety of the living room.

I’m getting old, or my eyes have been replaced by aliens with defective ones. I had to crank the zoom on my PC screen to 150%. I can do crosswords and read the news. It makes the naughty bits clearer.

Windows 8 is a PITA. It’s skittish, has a mind of its own and generally misbehaves. Okay I said it.

See you on Wednesday.