It’s been a slow week up here at Lake Woebegone. Sorry, channeling Garrison Keillor. It has been a slow week. the story for class has hit a wall. I might have taken the main character too far and will have to rig up something to bail him out. A story I’m submitting is moving along. Everybody that is going to be killed off is on track. I’ve got a story rattling around in my head. It opens with a guy in the shower. It goes sideways from there. The neat thing about writing is you can spend time staring into space and if someone calls you on it you can say you’re working out a plot point.

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. It always was a reason to stand in a crowded bar drinking beers and listening to a semi-good Irish trio sing songs about a revolution that nobody of Italian or Polish heritage know about and the Irish remember once a year. I use it as an excuse to make corned beef. No beer, no cabbage, thanks.

Some music I’ve been listening to:

That’s Lissie the song comes off a CD/EP called Covered Up With Flowers. It’s a good intro.

Okay, that’s the CD cover. Inside she thanks God. I sense a mixed message but excellent music.

Madeleine Peyroux has a CD “Dreamland” it has her doing standards. There’s a video of her doing La Vie En rose live but the quality sucks.

Kate Nash is a real guurl. My favorite song of hers is D***head. An ode to teen love.

I’m in love, I think.

See you on Monday.