The Catholic church has a new pope. He’s from Argentina. That may be a good sign. It breaks the hold Italy and Europe had on the papacy. I don’t hold out hope that there will be changes in the church’s view on homosexuality, woman priests and its tendency to exist in the 18th century. We’ll call him Pope Francis of Papa Frank to those close to him.

The new couch and loveseat seem to be working out. The problem is abated and I think a little maintenance will prevent any further problems. It cost close to
$1500 to get the job done. I’ve got covers for them spending time in the washing machine to get everything out of them.

Noticed something when I went for blood work at the VA. When I parked I noticed a gaggle(?) of geese grazing. A goose came in to join them. He(?) began honking as he(?) approached. The gaggle(?) honked back in greeting. When I went into the hospital I noticed that as vets came in there was usually someone who knew them from the hospital or maybe served with them to greet them.

I’ve got a story waiting and stuff that has to be done. See you on Friday.