Today was couch day. I found out on Saturday that I had a 11 til 2 window. I hadn’t firmed up a deal with somebody to take out the two old ones. The guy who hauled away my waterbed wasn’t available. He got a phone number and message. The landlord wasn’t answering but we had snow and the office said he had inspectors visiting. I hit the Yellow Pages. There was a place I hadn’t called. I won’t name them. I got the owner on the first ring. He ran the routine by my, hauling the couches out, dump run and the bill. He was willing to wait for a reasonable amount of time. I made a grocery run and when everything was put away I got a call for the waterbed guy. He was good for Monday, only after four. That was a scrub. Another call to the landlord. Office tells me he’s stopping by in the afternoon. I kick back and watch TV. The third guy calls. He can do it. !0am. on Monday. I’m at ease. The landlord shows at 4 in the afternoon. He’s got the sprayer and is ready to move furniture. I tell him it’s set. He’s relieved. He’s sprayed them and is aware of their weight and bulkiness. Saturday closes out with me sleeping comfortably.
Sunday, 1pm., the trash hauling guy. He can’t make it at 10. Earliest is 1pm. I say okay and call the furniture store. Surprise they’re not open, call Monday. Monday 7am., shower, breakfast and I call the furniture guy. Talk to Kathy. She’s cheerful and manages to move my delivery to 2pm. Quick run to the VA for blood work. In and out. Back home I move stuff around to make moving the couches out easy. 1pm. No haul away guy. Furniture guy calls, truck is 5 minutes away. I call customer service. I talk to Lisa. She can’t help other than put me at the end of the queue. Finally the trash guy shows. His crew looks like they know what they’re doing. They give the easy couch a try. After fifteen minutes of juggling it the decide to reduce it to its component parts. They discuss options, the best one vetoed early because someone forgot the Sawsall. They pull out the hammers. The first couch is beaten into submission and hauled away. The second goes down quicker. They pick up all the detritus and collect their check and leave. The furniture guy calls. The truck is outside of my building and ready to knock on my door. It doesn’t come. I clean the living room. I rake up half a trash bag of couch stuffing and stuff that I missed. A phone call at 3pm. I’ve been on the store’s web site and tracked my package. According to the site it was delivered at 2:17pm. I relay the info from the site to Fran. She begins to chase the truck down. I’m on hold getting messages from the owner. I’m sitting on the carpet trying to estimate to rental on a carpet cleaner vs. hiring somebody to do it. The truck shows and the two guys set the couch and loveseat up in ten minutes. The couch is about six inches taller than the last one so typing has become an adventure.
Some thing I’ve learned: 1) If the guy you hired to remove the couch and the first two words out of his mouth when he sees the job are “Oh shit.” You’re in deep doo-doo. 2) If a sledge hammer is the only tool besides a claw hammer be prepared to be entertained. 3)And. if the boss s tells you it’s going to be a bit more that estimated watch your gold fillings.

An odd bit: I rushed through a morning to get blood work done. The doctor calls and cancels with no date in sight.

See you on Wednesday.