Called my therapist this am. I need to get one of my meds tweaked. The initial dose was just shy and the new dose is just a tad too much. It’s not like I haven’t been through this before, about ten years back, one of the meds I was on pretty much stopped working. Blood work showed my body was flushing it as soon as I got it inside. Without the meds I was in for anxiety attacks, which sometimes I self medicated, so the therapist recommended a mild tranquilizer. Two weeks a couple close calls, one day near hiding in the closet. See ther. , she ups it by two. Daily calm, waaay too much sleep. Back one pill two weeks later. Days interesting, sleep takes a bit to catch but mornings are sparkling. One piece of advice if you are prescribed medications and they begin to interfere with your daily functions, call your doctor. It’s better to take some of his time to tweak the meds instead of risking hurting yourself. If your doc won’t take time to discuss meds changes, it’s time to change docs.

I’m watching TruTV World’s Dumbest, Clipaholics

and 20 Most Shocking video shows. I love them. Nothing brightens my day more than some asshat trying to do wheelies on his bike on I-80. These people shouldn’t be allowed out but you can’t predict what they’re going to do. It’s kinda like what we have now with the sale of assault rifles like the Bushmaster. You can let it start (sell It) but you can’t predict what happens next (the rifle spends its life in an unlocked display case only to stolen and used in a shooting rampage). The problem with both the TV show and the assault rifle is that the majority are touched only abstractly. We see it on TV, laugh, cry whatever emotion is appropriate, talk about it and finally forget it. One fault in our creation is that who or whatever started the process didn’t include a provision for mandatory empathy. Not crippling feelings, but a twinge that we can feel. It’d keep us human.

Sorry computer/human misinteraction.

Got to go. Waiting for a landlord call in re couch move. Also meds are creeping up. Doc knows and I’ve got an appointment next Monday.

Joseph? The piece from the last post? Couldn’t make it work. Weekend should help.

See you on Monday.