Read Maureen Dowd in the Times yesterday. She wrote a brilliant piece on The Virgin Mary. She mentioned a short story in the New Yorker by Colm
Toibin. When I got to the end of her article I wanted to comment but usually I’m too late. Not this time. I got to submit a comment on the Op-ed piece. It was
chance to mildly vent some of my personal views on the VM. The upside was it gave me an idea for Wednesday’s post. What about Joseph? How did he feel about marrying Mary a “virgin” who turned up pregnant? How about his “step son”? Toibin is staging a one-woman show for Mary, I’m going to give Joseph a chance. In my comment I made a lame remark. I told anyone who would read it that I was in the middle of a short story. The freaking things max out at maybe 6,000, 7,000 words. Am I that busy that I can’t find time to settle in and read a short story? Is my attention span that short? Anyway I think I read the story somewhere else, maybe in a collection that was assigned for an English class.

Semi-watched Red Widow on ABC last night. The husband was the most interesting character so far. the widow seems to like the perks of being a drug dealer’s wife but when the youngest son brings dad’s snub-nosed to school to confront a bully she goes batshit and starts working on hubby to get out of the business. He gets killed. It had to happen or Red Widow would be a dumb title for the show. She’s turned loose in the business and seems to adapt really well. Were this a theatrical release there might be a sex scene or two, but this is TV. It might last. The problem is they don’t have enough time to develop the character that shows the most promise, the youngest son. Yep, the one who brought dad’s gun to school and sent mom hunting for a new school. The tyke has the potential to become a real psychopath. Now a couple comments. 1) If ABC spent more money on tightening up the script instead of putting annoying pop-ups on my lap top it might’ve helped. 2) Why do all Russian mobsters have that goofy loop/pony tail hairdo or the swept back and moustache for the mob head. 3) The story isn’t War and Freakin Peace. A few less characters might keep the viewers engaged.

Dr. Clark Howard of E-Harmony has got to pat attention to who he gets for the ads for his dating service. An example, a woman speaks: “I was at the last dating site for two weeks before I had to get off. I joined E-Harmony and found a man of quality.” Okay lady, if all you want is to get off you don’t need a dating site. There are men of quality all over, you just have to look for them. Maybe the bars you frequent aren’t conducive to marriageable men or the church suppers don’t have enough testosterone to fit your needs. Anyway, dating sites are in it for the money. They aren’t to get ecstatic if they hook you up with a widower or life-long bachelor who’s looking for someone to help him into his dotage.

Landlord vs. bedbugs. He came. He sprayed. They’re dying off. Maybe one more call on Thursday. I have a faint vision of a sofa being demolished and tossed at some cost to me. About the couch: It’s seven feet long. A sofa bed and doesn’t fit through any door that we’ve tried to get it through without some dismantling. My late sister was an a**hole for buying two of them.

See you Wednesday.