Pat Robertson, that solid sane religious leader who has been in the forefront of tolerance and progressive thinking has spewed announced another theological bombshell.. I have a response and a musical interlude.

I will bring it back as necessary. You’ll be hearing a lot of that song. And when it applies for me. Hell it’s only four some minutes long.

The Pope retired from a life-long job. That meant when he died we got a new one. Now he wants to be Pope Emeritus. A religious backseat driver. Yeah, he says he’ll be obedient to his successor. He’s a scholar. Scholar’s question. I can’t wait for the first phone call:
“Hi, it’s me Benedict. I think that meeting with (insert political/ideological group in the news) isn’t such a great idea.”
“Yeah, but you’re sunning yourself at that monastery and I’m taking heat here.”
“Never should’ve let them into Vatican City.”
“Again, you’re there. I’ve got a million some followers up my butt.”
“It’ll only cause trouble and it’ll stick with you.”
“Like all those priests fooling around with young kids.”
I can’t go farther. It gets strange after that. Also caught a picture of the retiring pope addressing the College of Cardinals. I’ve never seen a scarier group. They looked like the guy who tells you that something is good for you but if you ask if he’s done it. He says no. It’s a typical Cover Your Ass operation. The news is right. The church is rich, secretive, entrenched and reactionary. Baptists look liberal. There’s a fresh wind building up. The young Catholics aren’t going to put up with the BS. They’ll defect. My guess is Unitarian. They’re liberal, they live in the 21th century and they’re more in touch with the global aspect of religion. For all the catholic who will hold on come hell or high water and allow the old guard run the show, a line from The Who; “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

The Sequester, the new boogie man on the horizon. Oh yeah, it’s March 1st, he’s here. Is our Congress battling this ogre that will cripple the country and cut essential money? Nope they’re off for a three day weekend. I believe that they make this s*** up just to make us think they’re doing something besides diddling themselves on our dime. This is another group that needs a major cleaning. Let the Tea Party have a shot. When they screw, give the next bunch a shot. Yep, it’ll be a s***storm and we’re going to hurt. We deserve it. We elect asshats and then we complain and then we reelect them. Neat huh.

Girls Gone Wild filed for Chapter 11. I got nothing.

There are two ads on TV that need improvement. The ones for Celebrex and Bayer aspirin need some work. First Celebrex, the regular ad is a guy and his wife are in dancing school. The younger, pony-tailed instructor takes the guy, shows him the steps and hands him off to his wife. They dance, they dip, everybody applauds. Nope. The instructor shows the guy the new steps, hands him off to the wife, he looks at her, looks at the instructor, drops wife mid-dip and takes off with the instructor.
Bayer Aspirin runs spots that have people tell horror stories about heart attacks. A guy has one in his driveway on Thanksgiving Day or a woman has one three weeks after delivering her child. Not good. What I want; a middle-aged man and woman, they’re good looking, sitting alone on a couch. On cue the man or woman looks into the camera. Woman: “I was having hot sex with a twenty-year-old college student I met in the supermarket. We made a date. He took me home. In the middle of it I felt sharp pains in my left arm. Lucky he had Bayer Aspirin, we were able to keep going until the EMTs showed up.” Man: “I was tired of the local dive. I went to the new microbrew pub and sampled some new ales. She was forty and we talked about the samples. After the tasting we sat and talked about how nice it was to meet a mature person every now and again. She took me home and about wore me out. About midnight my left arm was tingling and I was sweating too much. She got a Bayer Aspirin out of the nightstand and we were both happy when the EMTs showed” Just a thought.

We’ve had a bit of religion, some music, retirement strategies, a long deserved get even and TV for late night. If I offended I’d like to say I’m sorry but I won’t. These are brain droppings, some are not so good.

See you on Monday. Have an interesting weekend.