Hi, Tom here, back from supper. A couple things, first ham hocks were a bad idea. They yielded about 1% meat to fat, skin and gristle. So if you want to add ham to the salad either wait until you cook a smoked shoulder and use the leftovers or you can add ham that is sold in diced pieces expressly for this purpose or have the deli man cut thick slices and dice them yourself. For the smoky flavor, try Liquid Smoke, very, very little. That stuff is potent.

I stole borrowed the recipe from Sandra Lee not Sara Lee. Sandra makes food on television and Sara Lee is a soulless corporation. Did I say that?

Ham hocks are bad because they are not the most wieldy pieces of meat to trim. Thus my typing this with an outsized bandage on my let index finger. I bled a bit, searching for a bandage. A prior accident and search caused a purge of Band-Aids from the residence. Five boxes all that was inside were those useless round bandages and those small strips that couldn’t cover a mosquito bite. All I had were patches that were close to expiration date. It results are like typing with a splint on. I have gauze pads, received from trips to the ER and stored in a large plastic bag. I tossed the tape to wrap it some point back because it was brittle and didn’t stick to itself.