Last night I slept on my new bed. It was firmer than my old waterbed but I fell asleep in record time. It was heaven. It was also a bit higher off the ground than my old bed. It used to be working toward the edge of the bed and swinging your legs over. This bed is more of a roll toward the edge sitting an trying to get feet on the ground. Oh yeah, queen sized flat sheets don’t fit on a full mattress. And when I visit my favorite boutique Target I have to read the labels on the packages. I need to buy fitted sheets. After my first foray I came back with one of each. Tomorrow brings another run to buy two more so the lag time between changes does not necessitate immediate laundering.

I’m a normal hetero male. I love women, dearly. There is one fact. I like lesbians. I’m not trying to convert them or watch. It’s a bit more complicated. I spent a long time working in kitchens, you know, that part of the restaurant you don’t see. While I was working in Never-Never Land I was told by a particularly ardent Christian that restaurants are a breeding ground for homosexuality. This theory was base on the contact with gay and lesbian wait staff. They were visible. In the back of the house it was different. It was hot, sometimes crowded, often hectic. Most of the time it ran smoothly. Why? Because the people who worked there knew each other. My first job in a real sit down, table cloth restaurant was in Meriden Connecticut. the chef duties were split between the owner’s brother and Patti. Patti worked in chef pants and an assortment of bowling shirts. She knew her stuff. And this was the first time I got the whisper. “She’s a lesbian.” like it was contagious. She was an kitchen anarchist. She thought outside the box and challenged herself and the customers. I got to know her and we became friends. It got to the point we might share a joint before going in for the dull, slow, boring shift. She gave me an in with the other gay and lesbian staff members. We swapped stories and jokes. One afternoon on a smoke break we were passing around pictures of a Sappho’s Dinner when a cook flat out made the observation that there were a lot of women there. We laughed, not at his remark but the fact that his newly Honorably discharged Army vet brother was on the verge of coming out. It was the same as I moved through the places I worked. It takes distance from the situation to understand it. My relationship with the lesbians I knew was a no BS one. There were no emotion demands or the possibility of entanglements. Also there was an intelligence and a drive to succeed. All of the people I worked with that were gay or lesbian knew that they were in for a mile of rocky shit and they’d need everything they had to get through it. I admired them, and still do. I dated a bartender and as the relationship moved along (I thought) she told me “You’re Not my type.” . It hurt for a second, okay, longer but she was my friend and that meant more. I learned not to be threatened. When I was out on a date with a particularly attractive lady I ran into one of the waitresses. She was on a date too. The women chatted and I didn’t think they were recruiting her. I thank Patti, Ann, JoAnn and all of the ladies. Also a shout out to Cat Cora, Anne Burrell, Melissa Manchester, Rita Mar Brown. Keep scaring those insecure males, I not ashamed to admit I’m a tad predatory and will comfort any girlfriend who abandons them for a semi-enlightened male.

It took me about two hours to figure out how to move a document from Windows 8 to Yahoo E-Mail. It bothered n]me because the trial and error process that I employed took that long and I couldn’t figure out the answers given by the techs on the various answer sites. Anyway I figured it out, and wrote it down. I’m going to need it because I’ve got a couple 3,000 some word pieces that were written for class and are a rewrite and a rewrite away from submission. I’m going for a site that doesn’t pay but has a good circulation. Maybe I could sneak a link to my blog.

Got to go and make pancake batter for breakfast tomorrow and Sunday. I can also hear my new bed whispering. Hey, you hear what you hear, I hear my bed.

See you Monday.