Happy Friday. An update: Bug battle has stressed me and I’m carrying it around. Yesterday had a doctor’s appt. Left early, had time to hit grocery store before appt. It was not fun. It was my fault as it was going to be snowing out today and they needed to stock up on bottled water and supplies. I might have got a bit aggressive. What with ramming a shopping cart or two or three. And maybe flipping off the guy who was blocking the freezer case. I went to my appt. and told the doc about my shopping trip. I had to be quick because I was two hours late because I wrote down the wrong time and didn’t double check the time. She upped my dosage. Okay, I can do that. Between supper and TV the Murph walked in and asked if I might think of dumping the foam mattress I used to keep the heater temp down. I rolled it up, tied it and tossed it on top of the recycling bins. The bugs were back, many times worse. Overrode the meds and snapped. Not violent, throwing stuff snapped but internal. Slept on the couch even though I was able to find a long sleeved tee that kept them off my arms. 6 am I showered had breakfast and began to disassemble the water bed. Drained the mattress and began vacuuming. Pulled up the liner and guess what I found? Bugs and bug crap along with warped boards. The bed was going. I ordered a new bed set from Sears. They’ll deliver on Feb 14. I’m on the couch until then. Goodwill or Salvation Army are in the running to get the remains, whoever answers first on Monday.

Got to learn how to download photos to the computer.

What happened to TruTV? It used to carry trials and related shows. Now I click it on and some mindless gameshow called Wipeout is on. It’s an obstacle course where the main goal is to keep from getting tossed into the muddy(?) water below. Everybody falls in at some point. Okay, Survivor started this and bred Big Brother, the Trump abortion The Apprentice and now Wipeout. They’re shows that basically don’t require any skills besides deceit, the ability to jump from ball to ball or perform some other potentially fail-worthy stunt.

Speaking of reality shows, anything with a Kardashian, Housewife of Beverly Hills, New York or some other garden spot of this country is not needed. They existed under whatever rock that sheltered them before they hit TV. Why can’t they go back?

While on the phone with tech support I had a flash. We dream of stuff, invent it, market it, and make everybody want one whether they need it or not. Then we beat ourselves up about it. And sell it to other people who can’t afford it. After creating a market for it.

I’m tired. The snow is going to get worse if only to make the weather geeks right. See you on Monday,