Last night about eight I had wrapped up reading e-mails and doing my nightly puzzles. TV was beginning to suck. Maybe because I really don’t pay attention to it but would go through withdrawal if I didn’t have it. I started my last lesson. It was a story I might have mentioned in a past blog. It’s a love story, kind of. You could say that about lot of what I’ve written. It’s a funny story, kind of. It’s horror, kind of. I couldn’t find a title, I’ve got two possibilities today. I hit the main body of the story. It started just like I heard inside my head. the voice was perfect and it began to move. The words weren’t pouring out but they were making it onto the page and snags didn’t take a lot of time to find a way to make it right. While I typed, I channel surfed (ain’t multi-tasking a bitch). I watched Jacques Pepin, America’s Test Kitchen and snippets of Jay, Jimmy, Craig, Conan and a whole bunch of people who kind of all melted together. By midnight I was cooking. The plot was moving along and the characters were behaving. It was about that time I noticed something. It wasn’t big, but it was something. I wasn’t nodding off and banging my head on the computer. Damn, I forgot to take my night meds. I had a meds change three weeks back. I was on the new prescription. It kicked my butt and allowed me the sleep that frequently ran off and hid. I kept writing. I was screwed so might as well go on. The Index card with chores for tomorrow wasn’t staring at me, that would be stupid. The list was short: Stop and Shop, Best Buy/Radio Shack, Laundromat. The first had to be done, it was mid-week groceries. The second was not necessary but if I didn’t do that the world wouldn’t collapse. The Laundromat was in the grey area. It was part of my on-going bug battle. Basically it was washing all the clothes that survived the purge. That’s another story, mostly about clothes you’ve kept and didn’t fit, needed repair or were horrible fashion choices. Included were my bathrobe and two bath towels that played hell with the washer and dryer. The front loader was the solution. I could wash all three together and dry them together. I kept at the story until three am and decided screw it, take the meds turn the alarm up and crash until it went off, in about three hours. I logged off and swallowed the pills. At some point the alarm went off, I didn’t wake up. I finally did just in time to catch Hoda and Kathie Lee do something involving alcohol on the Today Show. Showered, dressed and hit the road. First stops Best Buy and Radio Shack. To them: Jesse James used a gun when he robbed people. Groceries were easy except for the part about forgetting the milk in the backseat. The Laundromat was a maybe go. Fell asleep on the couch missed the noon news. Made lunch and talked to the Murph. The sandwich was good, learned more new non sequiters. Had a chance to read over what was written last night. It was good. Needs work but good. Right now a regular laundry load is finishing up and supper at seven looks good.

Today is Babe Ruth’s and Ronald Reagan’s birthday. Looking at their place in our memory it’s strange The Babe was born in 1895 and The Gipper in 1911. Not too far apart. The nation loved both of them and they left the limelight keeping secrets. The Babe’s were more closely guarded and it took a while before the Average Joe knew about them. Ronnie wasn’t cold before stuff started leaking out.

Also, today, Zsa Zsa Gabor turns 96. She was the prototype for the Kardashians, Paris Hilton and all the people who are famous for being famous.
Rick Astley is 47. Remember him? He managed a hit and being the butt of jokes by musicians. A sample:

Still waiting for that second big hit.

Something I thought you’d like:

See you Friday.