Before we get too far into this, you’re asking yourself why is Tom addressing a blog to me and who are the other two people? Why you? You’re readers of my blog, possibly the only ones. And you probably have more followers than I do. This won’t cost money, only a bit of time. I want you to reblog this post. After that you’re done and have my eternal gratitude. Here is the post, read it through if you don’t want to reblog okay, I’ll live.

I’ve been told that I’m very intelligent, there’s a pause, and it’s followed by “But you’re not that smart.” This has brought on a conceit tied up with an inability to get all facts I need. The problem at hand is I have bed bugs. I’m stressed beyond the normal level I generate for myself. I will list the facts as close to the sequence as I can. At the end there will be an e-mail address if any follower can offer a solution I’ll be grateful. Okay, the facts:
Approximately two weeks ago I was woken by something crawling up my left arm. A swat and back to sleep. More crawling another swat. Crawling again, lights on small black bug moving up my arm. I gently snag it and drop it into an empty pill bottle.
Next morning, on-line. It’s a bed bug. Also approximately a thousand sources listed. Scan the first fifteen and Search “How to kill bed bugs”, lots of hits some from Grannie’s Home Remedies to visits by beagles and exterminators. Search “Green ways to kill bed bugs” Three prospects; One from Bed Bath & Beyond, one on-line and borax.
Information about environment, bedroom approx. 12 X 12, carpeted, queen sized water bed, cedar lined dresser and assorted detritus built up by an unsupervised male one wall lined with CDs and cassettes with some books.
Detritus is cleared. Mostly clothes, jeans destined to be repaired, out of season clothing, clothes that don’t fit and fashion gaffes (black Bermuda shorts and a short sleeved black velour shirt. Separated into three piles, garbage, Laundromat and Goodwill, wash save and store.
A trip to B,B&B pick up spray. Chemicals might kill, smell definitely. Second spray ordered on-line. Borax, iffy, we’ve got pets.
A week passes and spray arrives. Green and effective. Sideline first spray and try this. It’s basically a soap. Semi-effective.
Back on-line; steam. Research steamers locate home version not too expensive. Steam water bed mattress crevices and space at head of bed. Semi-effective they keep coming back.
Begin laundering bed clothes daily with soap and extra bleach.
Web search reveals there’s no tried and true effective way to repel bed bugs on objects or person.
Trip to Truvalue. Obtain 98% borax powder apply to space at head of bed. Apply freshly laundered bed clothes, still they come.

I survive on minimal sleep. It’s down to less than two hours. I need a solution. The one I’ve been avoiding is draining the mattress, steaming and vacuuming the liner or replacing it.
Patti, Wendie and Wally a relog is all I need to get this out to new thoughts. There’s no money involved except anything I might have to buy to kill the buggers. All solutions will be considered Now the e-mail address:

All responses will go to an address that I got when I picked up my present IP.

Again, Patti, Wendie and Wally, and anyone who can help me Thank You. Have an interesting week.