I finally got the computer straightened out. It’s still like sliding down a rocky slope. I’m relearning. I found out I missed adding a CD drive, but I don’t use it much so I can wait a bit until I need one. Next buy Office. Spent too much time with Microsoft and Toshiba on the phone. It took a tech who listened and wasn’t wrapped up in the box to get my laptop back to the state it was in when I opened the box.

I need to explain something, this blog is stream-of-consciousness. It’s a bit messy, like the inside of my brain. Please bear with me. Everything will make sense. It’s kinda like reading James Joyce though I’ll never be in his league.

The news had a double header today, Newton and Sandy. They’re filling space. Somebody is planning on making a movie about Newton. Maybe not such a great idea. I don’t think the families of Newton are ever going to be ready to see a recreation of the worst day of their lives.

An odd bit: I’m going to spend tomorrow in the Laundromat washing and drying loads that are going into storage and stuff that kills home washers, like bathrobes and bath towels. Bringing the Nook and $20 in quarters. Maybe a legal pad and pen. the insect visitors have given me an idea for a story. Don’t want to lose this one on file cards. Like the e-mail for the Microsoft tech who’s supposed to help me install Office.

Another odd bit: Two of the hardest things to find in Target are borax and twine. Rite Aid had twine but the pharmacist thought looking in the detergent section was a good idea. It took an attractive young lady at the local TruValue to help me find what I needed.

Going to buy Office and download YouTube. See you on Wednesday.