A Bunch of Odd Bits and Maybe a Rant

This might be in bad taste but the Boy Scouts are considering dropping the ban on gays. this might lend creedance to all of those stories, er, jokes that we passed around when I was amember in my youth. We had one troop leader who was single, didn’t go out with women we knew of and really enjoyed being around the troop. He killed himself back in the early 60’s. Who knows? It’s about time. Gay young men of scouting age deserve the privelege of camping out, being eaten alive by carnivorous insects, eating bad food and generally submitting to experiences that might, just might, somehow prepare them for the apocalypse. And, they get medals and badges!!

It’s snowing/raing/freezing outside. It’s gonna be in the high fifties Wednesday. Yay Winter. Freakin decide what you’re going to do. Either snow, put the plow drivers to work or just let the croci sprout. Global Warming is real. The naysayers are loud enough to keep the middle on the fence. It’s going to be tough because we’re not a group who like to admit we’ve screwed up.

On the pizza dough recipe: Glen, my old Culinary Arts instructor said “Cooking is an art, baking is a science.” It boils down to that in most recipes that don’t fall under baking a little leeway is allowed. A bit more than a pinch of pepper isn’t going to kill the dish. Baking is another ballgame. I made the dough recipe Saturday night, so to give it enough time to rise. I overshot the flour weight by maybe 20 grams, the yeast by 1/2 gram and just for fun addes a pinch of sugar to give the yeast something to nosh on. I needed a tad more water to get the dough to the proper consistency. It spent seventeen hours in the oven getting extra heat form me and the Murph cooking breakfast and lunch. At six on Sunday, I pulled it out. The sucker had grown, a lot. Enough for two medium pizzas. It baked up well enough but it needs a bit more tweaking, like mixing in a large plastic storage bag and a tad of olive oil. We’ll see.

On the bed bug front: I’m winning. I was talked off the toxic ledge and aimed toward steam. After Googling and Yahooing I’ve discovered there’s no way to stop them from biting. Barriers work, to an extent. Spraying slows them down. Laundering bed clothes with hot water and soap work. It seems steam is the killer. It wpes out eggs and developed bugs. 114 degrees should do it. The main problem is I’ve got a waterbed, queen-sized. Half a day to drain and refill. This doesn’t include juggling the empty mattress and navigating the bedframe. It must be done. Total victory over the invaders and sending them back to their place of origin (the crack near the floor that abuts the apartment next door)


Life is conflicted. Decsions take time but let’s not fall asleep while going about making them.

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See you Wednesday