The bug battle is winding down. The remaining insurgents are tiny and few. A light misting and a dust busting should take care of any new recruits. Beddig is headed for the washer on a M-W-Sa schedule. Bought Tide soap thingies. Just toss two into the washer before the load and you’re good to go. Got plastic storage bins for clothes that are not in use. An upside, found three Irish knit sweaters. Somehow they were under a pile of jeans that had a long ago date with the tailor, but now reside in a Goodwill box. Bringing back an old tradition, raking the rug. All you need is a small leaf rake. The raking pulls out the small bits that might be missed by the vacuum.

I’m screwed. My printer died. The go-to printer guy reminded me of cost vs. present value vs. repair costs. The Target boutique had one on sale. It’s smaller than its predecessor and has bells and whistles that I’ve lusted for; scanning, LED screen and WiFi. The scanner will come in handy. buys old CDs. I’ve got CDs that haven’t been heard in years and I wonder what made me purchase them. I’m talking about Garbage, Lilith Fair, double copies of Bonnie Raitt, Tom Waits and others. There’s a kinda down side. When I switched IP they performed a Roto-Rooter job on my computer eliminating files and speeding up the computer. The problem is, it exposed faults in my laptop that I tolerated. A fiesty cusor that wandered around the screen, scrolling that is iffy at best and various other display issues that make surfing a problem have driven me to on-line shopping. Mostly at manufacturer web sites. I might have settled on one. It has more memory, WiFi and other stuff I’ll learn about. This came on a recommendation from my computer go-to guy who gave me the same arguement as the printer guy, only more so. Repairs on my trusty laptop mean I have to rely on my back-up. a laptop I bought for a pittance at one of those “We’ve got computers, tablets and phones at a massive discount” sale. It is glacially slow, needs time to orient itself to the fact that it’s needed to perform tasks. It needs to be recycled, maybe donated to a poor infant who wants to start on the road to computer wisdom. Though I think anyone over four might think they’re being patronized. A quick trip to the ATM will make the decsion for me.

The supermarket deli and the store’s management are conspiring against me. Last Saturday I picked up a small container of grilled vegetables with balsamic vinegar to serve as a side with dinner. I was in love. I could taste the veggies and it wasn’t vinegary. The perfect combination for it never to show up in the deli case. It’s happened before with roasted chicken salad and bowtie pasta and dill salad. I wanted it for a pizza topping. I’ve moved from meat heavy, sauced pizzas to mostly vegetable and real light on the meat. No sausage or pepperoni thank you. Maybe a touch of diced panchetta. Toppings being stablized I’m turning to the crust. Found a recipe on-line that looks promising:
500G AP flour
1G Active dry yeast
16G Fine sea salt
350G Water
Combine flour, yeast and salt. Add water. Mix with spoon and later with hands
make a smooth dough. Cover w/ plastic wrap and let rise 18 hrs in a warm place.

The recipe sounds good, but I’d add a pinch of sugar to feed the yeast. Also
slitting the edges of the dough prevent those large risen rims that are great
when warm but turn into hard breadsticks when refrigerated.

It’s off to wash clothes and prep eggplant. It’s pasta Friday and a light lunch bodes garlic bread, eggplant with riggitoni and my special meat sauce. The up side to this supper. A light, healthy breakfast tomorrow morning before I run errands.

See you on Monday. Thanks for stopping by.