The battle with my bedmates has escalated. I’ve gone through all the clothes piled in a corner, sorted them and bagged them. There’s four bags going to Goodwill and three going to the trash. This was followed by a spraying with repellent/killer and a fierce dust-busting. It turns out I’m a clothes hoarder. I found stuff that was beyond repair, too small and really bad wardrobe mistakes. How about black Bermuda shorts or a velour black shirt (all I needed were black socks and sandals)? The spray is pleasant smelling and is working. The insurgents have been reduced to a miniscule level and all that’s needed is a mopping up. This will not become my insect Vietnam or Afganistan. If necessary I’ll drain and tear apart the waterbed and replace it with a conventional mattress set. The mail lady delivered a package today and it contains the Super-Strength Bed Bug Killer/Repellent. I’ll read the label and enclosed info and apply. Bedclothes have been washed in hot water with a taste of bleach. I’m going to apply a dose of the spray to the carpet around the bed to make sure none of the suckers are climbing aboard from the ground. There’s a product to prevent that, sticky cups you place around the legs of the bed and the bugs crawl in and die. I’ve got no bed legs. On-line the recommendation is to sprinkle borax on the carpet. The bugs will walk through it and it will stick to their feet. They’ll clean it off, ingest it and dehydrate. I’ll stick with the spray. This battle has the potential of getting chemical quick. That’s a last resort option. Tenting the building (it’s three stories) and fumigating is an option but the ensuing criminal charges for not forewarning the neighbors and landlord, not to mention having it done at night are just too messy.

Some rants and complaints and I’ll be out of your hair:

A nettle that needs to be plucked:

Music I listened to:

Who’s creepier?

The music is a result of a meds change and lack of sleep. Captain Hook is a bit of nostalgia and scary images.

See you on Friday.