I want to know how the e-mail on days I have to blog grows to the point that it takes a half hour to get through it. I know that I should go through the list and delete the junk that comes from purveyors that I’ve ordered from or inquired about that is plain junk. I can’t. I’m inquisitive, sometimes. I open all my snail mail even if it’s from another insurance company trying to convert me. Usually I can pick up a few last minute bits for the blog. Can’t say that today. Maybe this bit of blog.

It’s gonna be a short day.

A&E is holding its weekly Dog the Bounty Hunter flush. He got cancelled, get rid of him. I’m tired of that mulleted, sunglass wearing yahoo chasing fugitives. I believe in justice but everybody has the right to evade the law for as long as they can. We’ve elected politicians for multiple terms and watched them get rich during and after their constituents find them out for the thieves they are. I’m not saying all politicians are crooks but…

A place I want to visit, Cowgirl’s Coffee in Seattle. Why? Bikinied baristas. I’m not a dirty old man but bikinis in Seattle? It’s a must-see for tourists. I want to go on Fantasy Friday to see if my fantasy is represented. An agent who thinks that they can sell my stories and pave my way for World domination.

I’ve got to call cable. The internet is fine but the TV has gone bats***. Every now and again I lose channels, like USA, AMC, Comedy Central and E!. You know the essentials for gleaning information about the social mores. It comes back, but what I fear is that it’s me.

My CD player crapped out. It fades in and out. It makes listening to old Fleetwood Mac impossible. Should I pray to the mechanical gods to heal it or retire it to living room weekend NPR and sports listening. Got to find another bargain. I caught on that had CD players really cheap, below $20 apiece. I hit discretionary funds and bought three. That was over six years ago and they’ve all gone to that big recycling bin in the sky.

Dreamed about food last night. Specifically Kraft cheese and bread crumb thingies. I see them in the dairy section but avoid them on principle. I can make it better. I was taught how.

Some music:

These have been rattling around in my brain for two days now. It’s your baggage now. Enjoy.

See you on Monday,