Hi, it’s me. I thought today would be a good day to clear up stuff from last year and vent a bit.
1)In a response to a post about Les Miz I said Asian Ass Porn should be shown (10 sec) before a musical number. It was in bad taste, I apologize. A ten second clip of hunters clubbing baby seals should be shown.
2)On the subject of Les Miz, Adam Lambert of American Idol made disparaging remarks about the singing. Adam, you won American Idol not an Academy Award like a few of the actors who sang in the movie. Your fifteen minutes of fame is about over. The little old ladies who go to see you perform are getting older and there’s always new meat in the AI mill. Shut the hell up, wash the dye out of your hair and get a reasonable style.
3) To the Right, you had tour shot and lost. You backed a loser. He really didn’t want the job. If, in 2016, you still have the legs get someone who’s from the 20th century who can relate to the center. Yes, the center. You’re so locked into ideology that you believe that a few True Believers can actually make a difference. Pragmatism is the watchword for the next race. Listen, think, and put forward a credible candidate you might not get your collective ass kicked. (Think Barry Goldwater)
4)To the Progressives (the old Left), you won, twice. Don’t get cocky. As I said above Pragmatism is the word. You’re going to have to explain to the Old Lefties that government giveaways get votes but somebody has to pay. That’s where the middle class comes in. It’s true you can’t be everything to everybody but try to spread the benefits around. The system needs to be overhauled. FDR did it. An alliance with those conservatives who don’t think Social Security is a step away from Marxism won’t hurt. Both side have good ideas. Not great ideas, good ideas.
5)In deference to Westerners among us, we need gun control Big Time. The Second Amendment should be protected, but for
God’s sake why do we need automatic weapons? The male mind plays a big part in this. If it looks like something a soldier would use, it’s a must have for the average male. Most won’t vocalize that thought because someone (wife, girlfriend, boyfriend) will call them on it. Hunting rifles are a part of the American psyche. We don’t need a .223 cal rifle to shoot deer, pheasants or ducks. Ramp the testosterone back a notch. Use it constructively.
6) Ladies, men are stupid, but you already knew that. A nubile women in a bikini will get my attention a lot faster than a reasoned argument. We’re easily distracted by the potential of sex no matter how remote. Stop using that flaw in the system to exploit us (wear stupid Christmas gifts, go to pricey restaurants, or otherwise find an inane challenge to prove his love). We love you. As far as I can see you’re the best game in town. And where would we get all those sons to try to teach.
Now some rants:
Leverage was cancelled. At least Nate proposed to Sophie.
Sportswriters are already bitching about the Sox, Mets Yankees.
Survivor and all reality shows are still aired. This must stop.
I still feel violated after Saturday’s battery adventure.
There should be a warning on teeny music. It lowers the IQ.
If you win a contest, it doesn’t mean your opinions don’t suck.
If you write a blog the above applies in spades.

See you on Friday.