It’s Christmas Eve and I’m prepped for tomorrow. The tree is locked away in the basement storage and so far no relative has invited me over for dinner. I didn’t expect any invitations because since I quit drinking I’ve lost a lot of the entertainment factor to the table, especially after a bottle of Pouly Fusse. I’m happy though because it’s not how you spend the holiday externally it’s how you feel inside. I feel good. So far everything I’ve been working on has progressed with the usual setbacks and creative leaps. I’m not in love, but that’s something I’m used to. that is not to say that I don’t have massive TV crushes on news anchors, celebrities, writers and other unattainable women. So it goes.

Things I can do without during the holidays:

Radio stations who play Christmas music 24/7.

Miracle on 34th Street

Holiday music at the supermarket, hospital etc.

The complete co-opting of the holidays by money grubbing parasites who are trying to con us into buying stuff we don’t need and can’t afford just to keep the kids quiet for one day.

Television networks who think every show should have a Christmas theme.

Christmas CDs by anybody who’s made a record.

Reviving celebrity TV specials just because they were popular, once.

Santa bloopers.

People who have waaaay tooo much holiday spirit and want to infect you.

That relative who calls once a year to give you an update on the past year.

“Entertainment” shows that see fit to keep us up on what celebrities are doing.

Also w/ above celebrities who want to let all of us know all the good deeds they’ve done.

Why did I put the above list together? They’re all things that irritate me. I’m not Scrooge or the Grinch. It’s that I’ve been force fed Christmas from an early age. Catholic school didn’t help, what with a the Church going and the bag of cheap candy they handed out. While I was in the military I spent one Christmas at home courtesy of relatives who supplied plane tickets. Other than that being away from home and having the powers that be blare carols over the base PA system doesn’t help, if you include all the alcohol available. The lamp isn’t out, it’s been turned down to low to conserve the fuel for a time when it will be shared.

About radio stations that play holiday music 24/7. My favorite station promised to keep the holiday saturation to a minimum. They lied. Last night I turned on the radio only to hear Johnny Mathis and about five other artists serenade me with holiday cheer. I changed stations the result was not as bad. It took them six songs until the obligitory Xmas tunes were queued up.

Before the FM debacle? Esperanza Spaulding and Rhonda Vincent. Tonight? A triple header:Fleetwood Mac, Mr. Wonderful and Pious Bird Of Good Omen. Some British blues to celebrate the holiday

A preview:



Be nice to one another and see you on Wednesday.