Ryan Lanza has got what he probably wished for. He’s on international, national and local news. He’s occupying space usually taken by afternoon programming. He started this morning killing his father in Hoboken New Jersey. He drove to Newtown Connecticut. Upon his arrival at Sandy Hook Elementary School, he opened fire in the school office and walked to his mother’s kindergarten class. He killed her and eighteen students. He died. Whether by his own hand or not, I don’t know. Probably he shot himself. Whatever was going through his mind is incomprehensible to me. Did he wake up this morning and decide to mimic the mall shooter, or the Columbine killers. Maybe he thought he’d be remembered. Oh, he will. when people in Connecticut and America think about major pieces of shit who existed, his name will come to mind. I am not one to ask favors of Satan, but please, make this asshole pay. For a long time. I know there’s other clients who have done worse on a worldwide scale, take this one under your wing. Make him pay. I’m not sure how you run Hell. If its eternal flame or eternal cold. Make sure he receives your personal touch. I can’t offer any suggestions but I know you’ll follow your mandate and make him pay.

For the kids, this is a hell of a way to end your lives. We wanted you to live long and enjoy the ride. We all hoped you would be successful and have families you loved and cherished. You should know you’ll be missed, by your parents and family and untold numbers of people who never knew you until this morning. I hope your souls get a chance to regroup and come back. Make someone happy, have a second chance at being what you were destined to be. We’ll pray for you. Though by now you’ve seen God and He’s smoothed some of the tough parts out. He’ll take good care of you.

As to God: How do You let things like this happen. I know rational, feeling people ask that question every time something like this occurs. We accept some hardship in our lives but little kids. Maybe You can’t realize the damage You’ve done to their classmates, families and the world’s general psyche. Please ease up. We’re fighting each other all over. People are beginning to use You as the reason for these actions. I know You’ve noticed that all around the world there are misguided souls who think that they are the only ones to receive Your Love.

Side thoughts; Peter Lanza, Ryan’s brother is in police custody. The news anchors are starting to interject their own reactions to the news. They’re making comparisons to Columbine, Virginia Tech and the rest.

I’m spent. See you on Monday.