Right now I’ve got LENNONNYC on TV. It’s a part of American Masters. Though I admire John Lennon this show let’s the viewer in on a secret, John Lennon wrote some bad songs and got used by political outriders. The Plastic Ono Band is represented so are John’s attempts to sync with Yoko. They were soul mates but Don’t Worry Kyoko, It’s Only Mommy Looking For Her Hand In The Snow went beyond avant garde and strayed into noise. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin comment on their interaction with Lennon. What they don’t say is they needed a popular face to bolster their movement. I’ll admit Abbie looked pretty good for a while there but he was trying to be an anarchist and Utopian at the same time. It didn’t make sense. The show has the requisite Nixon bashing and dwells on the Nixon sweep and how disappointed Lennon and company were. It wasn’t like McGovern had a chance, he took an unpopular stand and had the balls to stand by it. What a lot of liberals didn’t know was the country was suckered into believing the war could be won by LBJ and Nixon told the country that he had a secret plan to end the war. The American people believed him. John was on the wrong side. He wanted peace. Worldwide complete peace. John Lennon was the intellectual Beatle. He should have seen that the Yippies would try to cash in on any relationship with a massive phenomenon they could glom onto. He was commercialized and exploited once and should have known better. Maybe they BS’d into the idea they wanted world peace. Looking back, all they wanted was to be seen and heard. At lot of time of the program is spent looking back on John’s time in L.A. He had his designated nervous breakdown there. It was due and it was going to take Yoko to bring him back to creativity. As a veteran of mental crashes you’re aware of what you need but don’t have a clue as to how to get it. He got what he needed and came back to NYC and we know how that worked out.

Had a nightmare last night. It was a variation on a regular theme. I’m lost and trying to find my way back to someplace I can’t describe. Last night a new wrinkle was added. I was being chased. The people chasing me were a motley crew of stereotypical baddies. One that carried over into the daylight was a greaser in motorcycle leathers with a crooked nose. He got the closest. He was real. Other pursuers were outwitted by trickery and deceit that is unlike me. One piece of “wisdom” I got was “If you can’t explain the plan in five sentences, it’s too complicated.” That makes sense. It’s a problem I have but won’t own up to. I over think things. I try to cover every contingency. I’m pissed when something I didn’t figure on blindsides me. The whole thing moved through me hiding under tarps and running. The last bit, right before I woke, had the leather jacketed thug trying to cover me with a barrel. I tried to lift it off by grabbing the bottom rim. I tried to move it and wound up trying to toss my nightstand. That pretty much took care of sleep. The nightstand was leaning against the wall, everything on it precariously close to hitting the floor.

It’s getting close to the time for me to work on my lesson. I’ve been plotting out the story. It’s changed from a surreal prequel to a character study of how the main character got to where he was as we meet him in the story. It’s a story about falling. a man who has everything he needs to satisfy his immediate needs. He screws up. Not catastrophically but gradually. It’s a story about how he lets everything slip and no matter how hard he tries he can’t reverse the fall. His enemies are imaginary, maybe. They’re enemies he’s created in his mind and in reality. The part I want to emphasize is that he is in control even if it doesn’t seem so. He’s doing all the bad stuff to himself, even if he doesn’t realize it. The man is not stupid, just unaware. His world is close to him and he doesn’t see the effect he has and how it comes back on him.

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