First, Happy Birthday George Armstrong Custer. Besides being a world class asshat, you managed posthumously to find employment for actors who needed work. Not to mention the heroic depiction of your death that screwed up history for a whole bunch of us. I remember staring at a poster for Budweiser in Teresa’s Restaurant.  it depicted your Last Stand with you standing bravely gunning down as many of those heathen red men as you could. It took a bunch of years to find out it was a lie. The whole myth hung on the fact that the Native Americans attacked you for riding into the Little Bighorn. Nobody talked about the fact you were a racist and a tool in another land grab. What amazes me is you made it through the Civil War as a hero then managed to get tangled up in whole Indian thing. You should have curbed your desire for more glory and served in Ft. Abraham Lincoln and tried to get Libby pregnant. You had to be a hero and single handedly wipe out those occupants of the Montana and Dakota territories. A few things because you’re probably holding down a nice spot in Hell. The women punctured your ears with sewing awls because you didn’t listen. Your death unleashed your wife Libby on the public, preaching the gospel of Custer a mistaken and misguided attempt to get the glory you so deservedly lost.

The divorce is almost complete. I signed onto another provider and upgraded. One thing though, I haven’t told ATT. It’s been a problem I’ve had. The dislike, nay fear, of angering the other half of a relationship that had crashed and burned. Maybe I’m being a gentleman. Nah, I scared that ATT will unilaterally suspend my service and I’ll be unable to surf. I know, there’s Yahoo Games and class assignments to do. But how am I going to read e-mails that matter and the numerous requests for aid from Nigerian representitives wanting me to deposit $1000 in their account in the hope of receiving $100,000. Or that poor woman who spams me offering to introduce me to singles in my area. Speaking of singles, what about Christian Mingle? I may have not been inside a church in a real long time, I could enjoy the company of a Christian woman who could spend all of her free time convincing me everything about God and Jesus I’ve been taught and read is wrong. And, if I find the  right single, there’s all those ads for Canadian Viagra. You’ve got to look to raising a family. There’s a small clique of astute money men who want to lend me money. I can’t disappoint them. Most of all I’d miss my dance with ATT Tech Support.

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