I’m planning a divorce, from my IE provider. I’ve had connection problems for more than two months. An early tech call found a bad connection. The problem persisted. I got to have a close relationship with ATT Tech Support. I’d either call or connect on-line and the tech would run tests and I’d see my home page. It got worse so I made an appointment for last Saturday between noon and four. The tech didn’t show. A phone call revealed that the information hadn’t been sent along. I made another appointment. The tech showed at eight am and futzed around with his computer and got me on-line. I tried a reboot and no go. I contacted the Tech Support and the nice lady ran some tests and said she fixed the problem. No way. Over the time I’ve found a backdoor that gets me on-line. I’m not paying for a fix that circumvents the provider. All I want is good service. You’ll notice I didn’t say excellent. All I want is an internet connection and as few hassles as possible. Hence, the divorce. Like a spouse whose mate has been unfaithful and taken them back with promises of reformation only to have another slip. You can only put up with misbehavior for so long. If you cross the point where communications are strained and there is the underlying fact that the other is lying, staying on is stupidity. There’s going to be a transition period. Change doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d want it. There are some good parts. All the techs who took the on-line calls and provided a temporary fix, even though they thought it was permanent, did so in good faith. The last tech who showed up today, not so much. He could’ve done more. Maybe he had a busy schedule or he needed his morning coffee. He blew it. I don’t expect ATT to collapse because I dropped them. Hell, I don’t think anyone will notice when I make the call to drop the service. The change is going to cost me more money, not an unreasonable amount but more. It was fun at first, in the first blush of courtship when we both had what we thought were reasonable expectations. The relationship soured and for my own sanity I’m  bailing out. A soul crushing animosity toward ATT is looming if I continue. So, adieu ATT. Bon chance.

It was Americana weekend. On Friday night I listened to Americana by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. If you can imagine Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin, this ain’t it. Neil and the band take American favorites like Oh Susannah, Clementine, Tom Dooley and that old chestnut Get A Job and rock out. Neil Young always goes his own way. If the fans follow, great, if not try something else. He’s a self-confessed tinkerer and he tweaks his sound as the mood hits him. This CD might piss off traditionalists who think American folk music is cast in stone. It might alienate some hardcore fans who’ll wonder if he’s run out of ideas. I liked it. It wasn’t intrusive but it rocked and the group knows how to rock a song while keeping its essence.

Keeping with Americana, who’s more American than Johnny Cash. I stopped by twice to watch and listen to A Salute to Johnny Cash. It was a celebration of the man’s greatest hits. Old buddies Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson were there along with Shooter Jennings, Waylon’s son. They did one of my favorite earworms The Highwayman. If you were listening for a note for note and spot on Johnny Cash sound, you’d be disappointed. Each artist took a song and made it their own. Considering Johnny took other people’s songs and put his brand on them these artists did Johnny proud.

Today I wanted to watch the Today Show. Paloma Faith was on. You’ve never heard of her? She’s a hot property in Great Britain. She’s struck some as a cross between Amy Winehouse and Adele. She’s a chanteuse. She sings her butt off. She’s theatrical and can belt out a song. She also can pull you close to the speaker to get every intonation. I listened to Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? The first cut Stone Cold Sober hooked me and I regretted not putting it on as soon as I got it. Though a recommendation from The New Yorker doesn’t move my music buying soul, I’m glad I ordered the CD. She’s dropping a new CD tomorrow. There’s a real good chance I’ll get it. I did catch her appearance on Today on-line, it was worth it.

Every now and again I worry about my spirituality. Not a lot, but enough to know when I need a tune-up. I got it. It came from a favorite source Anne Lamott. I read her stuff in a frenzy a few years back. Traveling Mercies, A book on faith is a keeper and I pick it up and read through it. Anne Lamott is a woman of faith and she’s down-to-earth enough to reach the reader she dispenses some deep thoughts. The book I read was Help, Thanks, Wow. It’s a book about prayer. She’s got the three, maybe four fall back prayers. The first, Help is one we use a lot. Mostly for stuff we should be able to figure out ourselves but look upward for an answer. Thanks is the prayer when we make it down an icy curvy road with no street lamps or when our weird cousin has been located after a two-week hiatus. Wow is the prayer for just looking at what is around us. Autumn, first snowfalls, the birth of a grandchild are wows. I needed this book and it answered a Help for me. Pick it up, even if you don’t spend Sunday morning sitting in a pew listening to somebody tell you you’re a sinner. She writes some good fiction too.

See you on Wednesday.