Thanksgiving is officially over. I dumped the remains of the turkey carcass in the trash today. I had all kind of grandiose ideas about what to do with the leftovers. Turkey Tetrazinni comes to mind. Turkey Pot Pie sounded nice. Turkey vegetable soup won out. It was simple. Drown the bones with the leftover carrots, celery and onions in chicken stock and simmer for a couple hours. I added frozen veggies and a package of Ronzoni Pasta Portions. When the pasta was done the soup was dinner. So this morning on the way to Stop & Shop I tossed carefully placed the remains in the garbage container. It had served well and deserved a descent burial. On a side note; I couldn’t find turkey cutlets for breading and frying to go with the gravy and dressing that’s lurking in refrigerator.

I’ve been having connection problems with my computer. I’m developing a relationship with tech support that’s going a bit over the line. I think. Here’s a transcript of our last communication. I’m going to eliminate the technical part because it’s boring and it gives me a headache.

10:45 pm Arden Williams: Have I resolved your connection problem?

10:45 pm Twisk: Yes

10:46 Arden Williams: Is there anything else that I can do for you?

10:46 Twisk : Yes, where are you?

10:47 Arden Williams: We cannot disclose personal information.

10:47 Twisk: I’m not going to stalk you. I just want to know where you are.

10:48 Arden Williams: I don’t know.

10:48 Twisk: C’mon it won’t hurt.

10:49 Arden Williams: We might be monitored.

10:50 Twisk: They can’t watch everybody.

10:50 Arden Williams: Okay, I’m in Ohio.

10:51 Twisk: Where in Ohio?

10:51 Arden Williams: I shouldn’t tell you. It’s against the rules.

10:52 Twisk: I’ll tell you where I am.

10:52 Arden Williams: You’re in Connecticut. I can tell by your area code.

10:53 Twisk: Are you married?

10:54 Arden Williams: I’m going to terminate this connection.

10:55 Twisk: Okay if you have to.

10:55 Arden Williams: Is there anything else?

10:56 Twisk: Yes, my love life sucks and I’m lonely. The only human contact I have is with tech support.

10:57 Arden Williams: I’m sorry to hear that. But there’s nothing I can do.

10:57 Twisk: You can e-mail me. It’d be a start.

10:58 Arden Williams: That doesn’t seem right.

10:59 Twisk: All I need is a newsy e-mail to help make it through the day.

11:00 Arden Williams: I don’t know. What’s your e-mail address? And are you single?

11:00 Twisk: E-mail: And I am single.

11:01 Arden Williams: mainstud?

11:02 Twisk: It’s a joke.

11:02 Arden Williams: I’ll think about it.

11:03 Twisk: Could you wear your sexiest underwear and describe it to me?

11:03 Arden Williams: Closing connection.

11:04 Twisk: Does this mean no?

Two hours later Twisk’s e-mail inbox: We’ve read your communication and would like to know if you would be interested in writing short interesting e-mails for us. We can make your life interesting.


See you on Friday. Remember all those people whose Christmas will really suck if you don’t lend a hand.