Gen. David Petaeus is being hauled over the coals for having an affair. As head of the CIA this is a bad idea, having an affair not being dragged over the coals. The guy was a superstar. He had the cred to give him a lasting career in government. I’d be willing to bet he could run for president a get the votes of both parties. He could of been the next Eisenhower. The problem is Eisenhower’s affair with Kay sommersby became public knowledge way after he was out of office and a lot of people were amazed Ike had it in him rather than being shocked. Both men were at the top of their game when they led the military. Both had bipartisan support. One parlayed his popularity into the presidency the other took his fame and is destined to become the joke of the day for stand-up comedians until the next distraction comes along. There’s a dark side the paramour had classified documents in her home. Add that to the fact that our enemies could have, check that, were spying on the lovers, you have a plot line worthy of James Bond. Except that our hero couldn’t brazen his way out and came off as the nerd who scored the hot chick. Politicians can learn from this, but they won’t. the lesson is simple; keep it in your pants if you’re in the position to embarass yourself or your country. what really kills is that both were married at the time of the affair. I’m not a fan of locking down all your options but if you’ve signed the contract, honor it.

I’ve begun watching Law and Order/UK because I’ve seen all the episodes of the American franchise. That doesn’t sound like a good thing. Of course I miss the teaming up of Jerry Orbach and Chris Noth. It was too good to last and everyone that followed had to live up to their standard until the newness wore off and the new pairing was part of our schedule. The fact there are more varieties than jelly bean flavors kind of locks the L&O loyalist into missing things like other shows or their kid’s birthdays. A blogger told me to read some Jeeves and Wooster as a “lemon sorbet palate cleanser” the same can be said of L&O/UK. It’s a palate cleanser. It gets rid of the taste of Survivor, Great Race, The Voice, The X Factor and all of the “reality” shows that attempt to take the escapeism out of television and replace it with spending time watching people exhibit themselves in hopes of fame and fortune.

And as to reading Jeeves and Wooster, I can’t. Buying books is on the Can’t Do List until I move the present library out and make room for any new additions. They’re like puppies, I can’t get rid of them until I’m knee-deep in dog poo and food bill is worthy of a Third World nation. Books on CD will have to do.

I’ve got a story to finish and one to clean up and enter in a contest. I’m going to shut down early. No sense filling space with blather.

See you on Friday.