A few odd bits:

We have to stop naming storms, We get attached, they won’t go away. It gets messy.

People have to stop paying attention to Donald Trump. He’s beginning to believe that sane people take him seriously.

I have to stop watching TV. I’m beginning to care about the people in the shows I watch. No matter how much trouble they get into they’re going to live.

All those attractive women on TV, married to some Plain Joe wouldn’t be seen with an average guy in real life. Beauty attracts beauty. The guys on TV? They’re married to some loyal woman who knows that her just being around reinforces the guy’s ego. Kids are a bonus.

If you’re middle-aged and your fantasies are starring middle-aged women are you being realistic? Or settling?

I’m beginning to run out of radio stations. I’ve memorized the playlist for the one I listen to at night. It’s on my car radio, so I must have held out some hope that this one would last. NPR is not good between rwelve and six am. The broadcast BBC news. Tried AM radio but the talk shows are a bit too insane even for me. I can’t afford to replace a window due to the defenistration of a cheap radio.

Did listeners get suspicious when everyone on the Jack Benny Show arrived at his front door?

Why do I deconstruct every show I watch on TV into a three act template?

How come the story I’m working on is moving right along despite or because it’s late?

I’m listening to Ten Books That Screwed Up the World And five that didn’t help. It’s a conserative unteelectual’s reasons we should ignore the books. I look at it as intellegence on the enemy. Bad ideas happen to PhDs.

Maybe I’ll give Jack Benny and the professor abreak and ;listen to Eddie Izzard or The Goon Show. sophisticated British humor, that’s the ticket.

I’ve got to go. See you on Monday with something coherent.