Obama won. After nearly a year of lies, misinformation and appealing to man's lower nature the american people ignored it all and voted according to the way their puppet masters told them. If Romney had won the system would not collapse. Everything would be normal in Washington, except for the rabid pack of Tea Party loyalists drooling at the possibility of the welfare teat being axed off.  No matter who won it wasn't going to happen. Those Commie Founding Fathers made sure of that. Yep, back in the 1700's they knew that people would come along and try to mess with the system for good or evil. The designed a process that makes it nearly impossible to cram an agenda down the people's throat. Except for FDR, he was blessed and sent to piss off conservatives forever. The zen master won and I'd be willing to bet he had a real good bedtime story. except for Slick Willie and JFK he's the only one I could see rocking with his First Lady. Let's be happy for him. Give him at least a year before we start an Impeach Obama movement. Hey, we start it just in case. You never know. We'll find out in January. If after taking the oath of office Obama doesn't tear off a mask and reveal himself to be Bin Ladin's illegitamate son. that's a wet deram for the Trumpster.

I listened to Romney’s concession speech last night. I didn’t gloat. He just didn’t sound all that concilliatory. He followed the GOP template and spoke about new ideas and keeping watch. The Party wants to gridlock D.C. and win in 2016 with Rubio and Christie. Then they exhume The Gipper and Sen. Barry to lead us to the Promised Land of self reliance and a Christain, moral society. One where white men and people of color who are willing to sell their souls can live in harmony without all those poor people making hungry noises, clamoring for education and equality that is for the Chosen Few.

My call for an Impeach Romney movement might have been a bit rash. I didn’t think it through. With Romney out we’d get Ryan a doctinaire conservative who believes he and he alone has the key to the kingdom. Anyway two impeachment back-to-back might arrouse suspicion. Like someone was trying to topple a rightfully elected president and replace him with what or who? After some introspection I believ it wouldn’t have worked. There was no one on tap to take over. We didn’t have a grass-roots messiah who would lead us to the Promised Land. didn’t somebody else want that?

Hark! What do I hear? the First Snowplow of the Winter. During the first snowfall of the season. It had to happen. we got slammed last winter early last year and then it kind of petered out.

Attention New York City: That flood of human and animal excrement isn’t caused by the sewers backing up. It emanated from the offices of Donal Trump. He didn’t get his way with the election, so he threw a tantrum. the Trumpster didn’t wait a descent two or three days before spewing his ideas all over us. Some quotes:

“Let’s fight like hell and stop this great disgusting injustice!The world is laughing at us.”


“This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy.”

As oppose to a democracy where rich people decide who will run the country? Donald you’re becoming irrelevant. Money doesn’t buy brains. And having a public platform doesn’t guarantee wisdom. After letting this post sit a while I’ll become reacquainted with that. If you don’t like the system Donny, move the hell out. There’s a lot of little countries that would like a rich tin pot dictator to run their show. Take one of them up on it.

Speaking of money, Linda McMahon was defeated in a run for a Senate seat. She spent a $100 M of her own money on two runs. I can’t wait until Vince clamps down on stupid spending. It’s not like going out and buying a wrestler or something. If you spend that kind of money, call yourself a savvy businesswoman, what’s the payoof? Is there something I’ve been missing? Is there a hidden gold mine under the Senate chambers? Linda kept hammering at the fact Chris Murphy earned six figures. Did she think we wouldn’t notice trhe fact she was exploiting people to entertain gullible masses? I guess not.

Last week I posted a video of the Civil Wars. Yesterday I read they’re breaking up. did I cause that?

Heard an unintended music mash-up about two this morning. It’s The End Of The World As We know It (And I feel fine) by REM and The Wall by Pink Floyd. Maybe the station programmed it in anticipation of a Romney win? Or did they worry about an Obama win? Or was it coincidence? I think not. There’s no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens according to a Great Plan drawn up by The Great Master to guide us to the Promised Land. Too much? Sometimes late into the night I think about things like that.  Then I realize that I’m spinning my wheels and go onto thing that matter. Like WTF is the cat doing on my bed at 2am? I don’t get up until 7:3o.

Some music:

See you on Friday.

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