It's Sunday night, I'm watching 666 Park Avenue trying to put off doing the NYT Sunday crossword. I missed posting Friday because I had connection problems. It started about a week ago when the laptop started running slow. I went to the tech site my IP has and ran scans for security and performance. I got a message to contact tech support. That was great news. I tried connecting on-line but broken connections forced me to the phone. The tech was helpful and helped resolve the problem. Until Friday. I was back on the phone to tech support, I've got their number written down in a safe place. This time the tech told me they'd have to send someone on site to examine the connection. After a switch to someone else and bad jazz I got to talk to a human. Her name was Kimberly and she tried some connection tricks. I had to have somone come to my house and inspect the connection. The first opening was Saturday from 8am til 8pm. I had to go grocery shopping and would be gone two hours so it was a no-go. I got Monday between 8am and noon. Not ideal, but it would have to do. So I hunkered down with no internet connection for the weekend. I got out the Nook and resigned myself to playing games and writing stories. I had the writing part planned for Saturday afternoon so it was like a conjugal visit at prision with no contact. Shopping sped by. When you have nothing really important to do the time flies by. At ten the phone rang. The Murph was still away and I promised to answer the phone and take messages. It was a tech from the IP. He came in, inspected the ,ink between the computer and the wall. Nothing. He needed to get into the basement. I gave him the key. It didn't work. the manager came applied bolt cutters to the old lock and left behind a replacement. He took the key. Now I could tell anyone looking for the cellar key to call the manager. The tech did his thing downstairs while I watched America's Test Kitchen. He came back up after a while with good news. the problem had been isolated. It was the outside connection. He unscrewed the wall connection and found a bad hook-up. He fixed it and I was good. Went on-line and checked mail. Bad move. the queue was into triple figures. I soldiered through and by two in the afternoon the inbox was empty. I caught up on crosswords and odd bits of news. Now here I am trying to avoid a puzzle that I can do in thirty minutes. Delaying the pleasure, but that's another thing.

There’s a place called Joe’s Crab Shack that advetises locally. I’ve never been there but I tend to avoid places with crab in the name. An old military superstition. And a root for a lot of bad jokes. The commercial has a threesome dining at Joe’s. We’ve been clued into the specialty some kind of seafood boil served in a enameled mini roaster. The joker on the woman’s right says to her “Take your top off” She looks quzzical. He repeats. Finally he removes the lid from the mini-roaster. The trio laughs. Fade out. If that happened with most of the women I’ve been in contact with my dinner and hers would be in my lap and she’d be making a pointed exit. The commercial sucks.  It’s not funny. And I’ve learned that the best way to get a woman to take her top off is to let her decide when or if that will happen.

Romney calls his campaign a “movement” Yep, a movement. Bowel? Irritable bowel? Occupy Wall Street? What kind of freakin’ movement Mitt? Just because you’ve deluded a whole bunch of people doesn’t mean you have a movement, maybe a cult following. The Nazis weren’t a movement. Communism isn’t a movement. They’re just ways to take over the government. that;s what you want to do. Huh, Mitt?

If you get past Scott Baio on Celebrity Ghost Stories you’re in uncharted territory. B-list celebs whose main claim to fame was waking up in the middle of the night with the feeling a prescence was watching them, that and maybe fifty or so people who bought your CD after your last engagement at the Exit 55 Ramada Inn. Some programming should be killed before it’s aired. Dog the Bounty Hunter comes to mind. If they aborted that show A&E would free up a lot of time for Billy the Exterminator or some other artful or entertaining program. TruTV is another place where the programmers need to keep up with their meds. If so Operation Repo wouldn’t have launched. A program is just what we need when folks are losing their houses and cars. If you don’t have a house or car I guess you don’t have a TV.

Death is propulsion into the next chapter. We don’t write that one. We move into a story that’s started but has to be written. The end of the story is unknown and we must prepare for it. We’re not alone in creating the story. We’ll all get together on some other story cycle. The pity is we often don’t recognize fellow travellers. They’re there we just don’t look hard enough.

Some music I’m blogging to.

Support your local food bank especially now. Read to a senior or a kid. Adopt a shelter pet. If the election goes bad, think impeachment. It’s never too early. Be nice to someone who disagrees with you. Do this before Tuesday. Every vote counts.

See you on Wednesday.