Comparing Mitt Romney to Jack Kennedy causes most hard core Democrats gag. They’re a lot alike. Kennedy wanted to be the first Catholic president, as a proxy for his brother Joe and his father, he would allow anything to ensure that goal. This included getting in bed with the Chicago mob, an act that possibly cost him his life.  Once in office Kennedy burned selective bridges and pissed off the boys in Chi-town. Mitt wants to be the first Mormon president. He wants it worse that Bill Clinton wants a third term. He’ll say anything, make any deal to get the job. Mitt was a moderate Massachusetts Republican governor. He runs for president he courts the far right. He jumps to the left a tad to humanize his image.  He’s getting closer to the center the nearer the election is. Can we hope for a warm, fuzzy Mitt who lets Social Security and Medicare live? Not so much. There are a few facts though, the Mormons have been known to be “strict” with people who mess with them. The far right is populated by a more than a few bull goose loonies who aren’t too far away from their firearms. These people get messages from the Supreme Leader via the floor lamp next to the recliner. There’s a shot that Mitt might embrace socialism to get elected. Okay, that’s a real long shot, but it could happen. If he gets elected Mitt will spend the first two tears of his term trying to please everybody that he made a promise to. He’ll piss somebody off that’s for sure. But who? The far right? Not really, he’ll raid the think tanks to come up with a real idea of how to fix the economy. The moderates? Maybe, he’ll have to keep a few around to humanize his administration. The center? They’re not invited on this cruise. The Mormons? Never. He owes too much. The Christians not a shot. He’ll has a hell of a time proving Mormonism is a mainstream religion Donny and Marie not withstanding. He’ll press to overturn Roe v Wade. the kids will have a moment of prayer right after the Pledge of Allegiance. And the Ten Commandments will be in front of every government building, just so we’ll know which ones to break. For all of you who still believe Obama is a Muslim, if he was wouldn’t we be taking oaths on the Koran and having imams call us to prayer. Not to mention discounts on flights to Mecca.

The economy is in the tank. That’s what the politicians are telling us. Horsefeathers, I say. The economy is bad compared to the fifties and sixties. It’s all relative. The problem is we haven’t learned to adapt to the fluctuations of the economy. Our parents lived through real bad economic times. It took a war to pull us out of the Depression. They made do. We’ve got so much we can’t decide what we can give up to help us keep the bills manageable. Boom times spoil the population. You’ve got all that neat stuff the country can produce and because you’ve got money you can have it. When the economy takes a dive we panic, like back in ’29. The problem is we’ve become interdependent. Getting rid of cell phones would save money, but how would we stay connected to all our “friends”? We need to touch base with whoever is working at least twice a day. For important stuff, like what’s for dinner. We spend too much time in front of the television, myself included. Basic TV isn’t good enough. We need a hundred channels to make sure we can keep up with Dog the Bounty Hunter and Rachael Ray. What would our lives be if we couldn’t prepare dinner in thirty minutes? We’ve bought too much. In the name of keeping the standard of living where we like it we’ve swathed our lives in a thin blanket of crap. It won’t keep us warm when the price of the utilities needed to operate the stuff goes up calling your BFF isn’t going to help. You’ll just go farther into the hole, with your BFF.

Members of the military are committing suicide with personal weapons. The Constitution says they can own them even though they’re in the regulated militia it talks about. Sending citizen into evil places is something that comes with our form of government. They get depressed. All you vets of “The Big War” don’t start with “Suck it up, it’s your job.”. Listen. Volunteer or not everybody in the military at some point suffers from a crushing feeling of loneliness and isolation. It doesn’t help if somebody is shooting at you or trying to blow you up. The modern service tries to cope with the problems that come up. You can’t have someone around when you decide to take that last pill or have that drink that will steady your hand enough to pull the trigger. The military has to be proactive and drop the macho BS and realize that all military personnel have given up things that they didn’t realize existed because they were too close to them at home. Maybe owning a personal weapon gives them security, protection from the unknown. Like any protection, it can turn on you. That shotgun you bought for “hunting” can be the ticket out of the present hell. There is an argument that commanders should be allowed to confiscate  personal weapons if there is a problem. This can violate the Second Amendment. An alternative, have a friend or loved one confiscate the weapon. Good idea if you can talk them, relatives and servicemen, into doing it. There’s risk in the second option, collateral damage. Murder isn’t that big of a deal if suicide is the chaser. Think about it. As a veteran of the military and personal wars I haven’t got an idea. Meds help ,e but that’s after the fact and I isolated myself.

When supporters of Linda McMahon refer to her it’s always Linda. You know, like she lives next door. With $280 some million, not likely. Maybe Ma’am, as in “I finished spit shining the Rolls Ma’am”. In all the ads she refers to her opponent as Chris Murphy, except one where she addresses him “Chris, I’m a woman.”. Murphy always uses her full name. He knows how to slip the subliminal “She thinks she’s better than you.” message into his ads. They’re both politicians begging for a job for Chrissakes. They need us more than we need them. History has shown a stand-in for a trained seal could do the job. At the heart of it all it is is the title Senator in front of your name.

My Earworm: “Cover Me” by Bruce Springsteen. The only solution might be Melanie or Bonnie Raitt.

Support your local food bank. Read to a kid. Adopt a shelter pet. Be nice to someone you don’t like. Don’t tell a telephone solicitor to F**K Off. Shut off the TV. Ignore your local politician.

See you on Wednesday.