Nature vs. Getting there quick: In Texas they’ve discovered a rare endangered spider the Meshweaver (Cicurina venii) in a six foot deep spider hole. It’s right in the path of the construction of an overpass. Personally, I’m surprised that this got out. I snagged on Fox News and checked a reliable source on-line. Fox thinks it’s ridiculous to hold up progress for a spider, they’re yucky and they scare the anchor. My second source (Huffington Post) said that activists are massing to ensure the preservation of the spiders. The rest of the world yawned and tried to get the latest on Lindsay Lohan. Like I said I’m surprised that it made it out of the job site. I’d of thought that a little bulldozer dance and “What spiders?’ would have covered it. We have to protect endangered species, let’s see if there are any more nests in the area. It’ll cost money but what the hell, the original project was probably a pork barrel job anyway. AND it can make some lawmaker look like a environmentalist. Everybody wins.

What has Bill O’Reilly got about dead presidents? First it was Who Killed Lincoln? Now it’s Who Killed Kennedy? I thought that it was pretty much figured out by historians and various experts. Maybe it was a misguided abolitionist who prodded John Wilkes Booth into shooting Lincoln. Maybe some bleeding heart liberal disguised himself as Oswald and shot Kennedy because he wasn’t soft enough on Cuba. Both of them are dead. One was shot in Washington DC and the other in Dallas. Booth and Oswald did it. You can only weave so many conspiracy theories. You can only retell the same story. Although I’ve got a theory: Booth shot Lincoln because he was paid by a time traveling CIA operative to prevent Lincoln from allowing a Cuban immigrant to work at the White House and influencing our view that Cuba is innately Socialist. Kennedy got shot by a rogue Lincoln fanatic, Oswald, because he was going to reveal the real reason Lincoln was shot. See, it ties up nicely.

If you are diabetic, overweight or your doctor has threatened you with diabetes I’ve got a book for you. It’s The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman MD. I got turned on to it by the Kitchen Slattern @ She’s got an article about Alzheimer’s as being Type 3 diabetes. I’ve been reading it and it makes sense. But and here’s the big BUT you’ve got to read it and consult with your primary care physician. I’m overdue. I’m going to ease in at a pace that won’t shock the system and get used to a new lifestyle. I know it means giving up processed food, sugar, juices and all the other things I know I’m addicted to. It also means getting my kid brain to do something that is good for me, including eating fish and lots of greens. I’ve got to do this because if I keep going at my present rate I won’t be able to live to one hundred. Just to piss people off with a blog telling them how great it was back in 2012.

I caught a shot of Mitt Romney shaking hands with his running mate. He hopped up on stage, jogged/quick walked to Ryan and stuck out his hand like he was meeting a contributor in Ohio. He was stiff, like someone shoved a pole up his ass and then wound his internal springs way too tight. Why doesn’t he give his veep wannabe a brohug. You know handshake with one arm hugging/patting him on the back. It’d humanize him and make Ryan look less like some conservative ogre who’s going to kill Medicare, Medicade, Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits. They need something. this election looks like someone switched the game plans and the GOP got the outline the Dems were going to use to screw up this election. Remember Carter? The GOP better start looking back on their own history and give the neocons the bum’s rush. Let them have the Tea Party. If they get in we deserve them.

There’s snow on top of Mount Washington. It’s 6,000 some feet elevation and I hear it’s a nice drive during the summer. Chilly, but nice. I can’t wait until they pull out the stock footage. The blizzards, the wind chill the shot of some weather dude getting knocked on his ass and blown about ten feet. We know it’s cold up there, we live in New England where winter can pass out heart attacks like a salesman passing out free shots of the newest beer at the local watering hole.

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the CD. Break out all those K-Tel compilations and blast them. Crank up the “Best of” CDs you bought for three songs and nine duds for filler. You tech savvy readers play those CDs you burned when you were in your Amy Winehouse phase. I will.

Critic’s Choice is pimping Beach Boy CDs. They haven’t heard the news, Mike Love fired the core group. And summer’s about over and sand and surf only foster job skipping and day dreaming.

Earworm/mash up: Stoney End by Laura Nyro and Chuck E’s in Love by Ricki Lee Jones with a Monkees medley in the background.

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