Today, a whole bunch of odd stuff, okay, maybe not odd in the sense of tin foil hat odd, but odd like what’s in bologna.

First up: Mike Love fired Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks from the Beach Boys. The band wouldn’t have reached the popularity it did without the songs Brian wrote. Al hung on through the times when your audience had to tune hearing aids to hear the music. And you had David Marks taken off of the first album cover. I’ve got an idea, Al Jardine wants fans to protest on-line, do that and go one better boycott the concerts. Anyway Mike Love couldn’t fake saxaphone playing on the Kokomo video. Maybe send them back all the albums, nah, that’s screwing with memories.

Donald “I’m richer than you are” Trump told the graduating class at Liberty University (like Big Daddy’s DJ University) that Jesus would espouse the concept of “get even”. Which Jesus is this? Jesus who sells nickel bags? Or Jesus who said “Turn the other cheek.”? Donald, Donald getting even is a concept too complicated for us mere mortals to grasp. Our puny efforts are impressive in our eyes but ain’t diddly squat when compared to The Big Bosses concept of get  even. It’s called karma. What goes around comes around. Who knows, after you’ve left your slime trail in this lifetime, you’ll come back as the Chief Roto Rooter Operator at a Third World diarrhea ward. Happy thoughts Donald, happy thoughts.

It’s official. Todd Akin is an asshat. He wasn’t happy munching on his foot when he talked about “legitimate rape”. He’s  gone back for a second serving calling his Democrat opponent Claire McCaskill “unladylike” because she was aggressive in their debates. Todd, you’re supposed to be a bit aggressive in debates, it’s a formalized argument. What did you expect? She’d curtsy and say “You’re right sir” every time you opened your piehole. Do the people in your state a favor shut the hell up until November fourth and maybe you’ll avoid being shut out at the polls. Your supporters really have to hear what you’re saying.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to reinvent himself again. He’s written a tell-all book that lets us in on his amazing life. If being amazing includes being Mr. Universe, in a bunch of B movies, coining a phrase in an admittedly successful movie franchise, promising and failing at getting the state of California on its feet and worst of all cheating on Maria Schriver AND fathering an illegitimate child. We’re tired Arnold, tired.

Iran’s president Ahmadinejad still believes Israel will be a footnote in history. His country is more or less a year away from nuclear weapons. Israel’s already got them and they have an itchy trigger finger. Your looking at some extraterrestrial landing on a burnt out cinder and making Earth a footnote in galactic history.

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And now!!! (Peppy organ music, applause, applause) Back by popular demand (mine) It’s time to play Pick Your Earworm (yaaay)

We have two and a half choices today. The song is Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac and Santana. The half is a version by Bob Welch of an incarnation of Fleetwood Mac but I couldn’t find a version on Youtube. If you’ve got it play it, if not try to imagine how it would sound.

Now it’s time to vote (yaay)

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Support your local food bank. Read to a kid. Adopt a shelter pet. Be nice to someone you don’t like.

See you on Monday.