The candidates are at it again. Mitt says Rham Emmanuel is in the pocket of the Teacher’s Union and negotiated with their best interests in mind. Common knowledge has it that Mitt is comfortable in the pocket of Sherman Adelstein. Let’s face it both sides are beholden to the people who finance their campaigns. Eisenhower was probably the last president who didn’t have to kiss a bit of ass to get elected. He was courted by both parties. And, he was a war hero. The problem is, we create a way to level the playing field and then let the players play by their own rules. We struggled through getting campaign financing apparatus in place and then we allow the candidates to opt out. We should go back and make it mandatory. I know, it’s against the American way. It’s necessary to keep the leeches off the candidates. And it would make for a neat campaign. Imagine  candidates without the constraints of being tied to some Super Pac or fat cat. They’d be able to let us have a look into their souls. Wait a minute, we’re talking about politicians here. Sorry my Utopian side took over for a minute.

Found a little used Emissions Testing Station. I am heading there as soon as I finish this post. They’re old buddies. They towed my car after it tried to climb a tree. The car failed. And I went to high school with the owner’s sister. It’s still gonna cost $20 plus late fees. Yes I am an unintentional scofflaw. At least this time I didn’t get a ticket for it.

Be kind to animals. Support your local food bank. Read to a kid. Be nice to somebody you don’t like.

Missed something, couldn’t share an article I saw on-line. Will try to get it to you.

See you on Friday. The Earworm returns.