Ronald Roy is on death row on Ohio. His lawyers say at 480 lbs. he’s too obese to be executed. He’s got until Jan 16. The governor could rustle up a firing squad in the meantime. I mean lets oblige him. The thing that’s missing is the fact Ron might have found God, if He was hiding on death row. A lot of death row inmates find God/ Maybe it’s because He’s talking to them and giving them a preview of the coming attractions. Along the way in these blogs I’ve let my views on the death penalty. I don’t think it’s a deterrent because when you’re going to kill someone you don’t have a lot of room for rational thought. But, and this is a big but, some people commit crimes so heinous that the only way to ensure that it won’t happen again is to kill them.

Mitt Romney’s team has three members working for Fox News. Surprised? I’m not. Where else could he get the BS ideas that have been coming out of his patrician mouth. We know he’s an elitist, he’s a Republican. The last populist Republican was Lincoln. You’ll notice there’s no Get Out The Vote movement in the GOP. They’ve got all the votes they need and count on the fact that Blacks, Latinos and other non elite groups are wary of big government. Let’s face it, we took a while to desegregate, we’re not welcoming Latinos unless the can play in a rock band or star on TV and Arabic members of the disenfranchised are still gun-shy after 9/11 and the fact we keep bringing it up. Anybody else? You’re invisible. the poor White who vote Republican miss the fact that they’re never going to eat at the big table. It’s not that there’s no room, they’re not rich enough.

Now get up and dance!

Okay cool down,

I like both songs and I think the mash-up will be neat for the computer-bound.

Support your local food bank. Read to a kid. Be nice to someone you don’t like.

See you on Friday.