Project Earworm has hit another snag. I have problems moving videos from Youtube to my computer. I’ll figure it out. I’ve Googled every problem and been innundated with information. As a believer in the fact that there’s no such thing as too much information, I’ve found myself up to my armpits in knowledge. Some of it is useless, some confusing, some informative and some a doorway into a maze that could take weeks to find an exit. A bit of the information was aimed at people with more refined computer skills than I have. When I tried to follow, I’d become frustrated, then angry, then questioning the worth of  going on with Project Earworm. Some of the information was written to dazzle the reader with the dispenser’s skills. This group helped some but my skills and a pile of file cards with notes eventually proved too complex to follow. The stuff that helped offered a way to accomplish what I needed and led me to getting closer to the completion of Project Earworm. The third group is my favorite. The data given leads you to a site that leads to a download, that leads to another site and download and so on and so on shoobie doobie doo wah oooh sha sha. All I wanted to do was set up a poll that compared a song done by two or more different artists. Finding the songs was no problem. My first choice was Black Magic Woman. There’s three versions that came to mind; the original by Fleetwood Mac, the more well known version by Carlos Santana, and a version by Bob Welch. A little history; Black Magic Woman was written by Peter Green who was lead guitarist in an English blues group called Fleetwood Mac. Yep, long before Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham they were a blues group that specialized in fast Chicago blues. Mr. Green wrote the aforesaid song and put it on an album. That would have endeared it to English blues fans. Carlos Santana covered it and it became a favorite of FM AOR stations. Time allowed it to become a classic overshadowing the original. Bob Welch a lead guitarist in Fleetwood Mac covered it in his last album. I knew about and listened to all three. There were subtle differences. The original was bluesy, Santana added a touch of Latin to it and Bob Welch reinterpretted it. It was perfect. One problem, the Welch version wouldn’t be available for download until 9/12/12. Okay, I could wait. In the mean time I was getting antsy. I believed this was a great idea and wanted to get it on-line. I looked for another match up. Buddy Holly and the Stone came to mind. Then I heard Addicted to Love by Florence and The Machine. It led me back to when Robert Palmer’s version filled the airways with an all girl band “backing” him up. Perfect. The audios were the way to go because I hadn’t seen a version by Florence. I was in deep. I needed to learn a whole ‘nother bunch of computer skills. Unsuccessfully. It became a waking nightmare, I don’t exaggerate, it haunted me. I gave up on the audio when I figured the videos would be easier to upload to my blog. Not so fast, bucko. More sites, more downloads, more falling asleep at night trying to work around all the hoopla. That isn’t the right word but I wanted to use hoopla. I think I’ve figured it out. A new post some copy and pasteing and I’ll be good to go. Now to get up the nerve to risk another failure or sweet success.

Connecticut politics have a sideshow going. WWE magnate Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy both want to be my senator. Oh the choices. Linda has eschewed  Spandex wrestling togs and a caged death match. She a Republican and represents business. On the other hand we have Chris Murphy who keeps spraying himself with Frebreeze to get that smoke filled room smell out. They’ve spent more time taking pot shots at one another than discussing the issues, whatever they are. The attack ads foster more attack ads and pretty soon all you see in the media is two people who have no experience as a senator tossing mud on one another. It used to be so easy vote for Tom Dodd and whatever Democrat that ran with him. Now we have a career politician who might or might not be heading into deep, lobbyist infested waters versus the head of a company that espouses violence as a solution to problems, exploitation of women and pollution of the airwaves. I truly hope there’s a rational third party candidate to show up, talk sense and get the state’s representation in the Senate something other than fodder for cartoonists and editorial pages.

Why is it that C and D List celebrities have problems with ghosts and ghoulies? Maybe Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt have more discrete hauntings.

I’m thinking of adding flash fiction to one day’s blog.

Why has television gone from entertaining with stories to overwhelming us with stupid, meaningless competitions? Are we getting dumber?

What if you go to and find out your great-great grandfather was an axe murderer? Do you write a book? Change your name? Start a website,

Earworm:Not Fade Away with Buddy Holly and The Stones taking turns.

Support your local food bank. Read to a kid. Adopt a shelter pet. Be nice to one another.

See you on Monday.