Bill Clinton showed last night why he’s loved by Democrats and feared/hated by the Republicans. He rocked it for fifty minutes hitting the high points and just fell short of getting a loud Amen from the congregation delegates. He was in old form talking directly to every soul in the hall. Yeah, he was partisan but it’s the convention for God’s sake. Obama made a smart move having Bill putting him in nomination. It formed a bridge. Bill said some rough things about Barack when Hillary was running, but he showed that he could grow and appreciate Obama’s first term. Hillary was lucky she was in Timor because I think Bill got hot and ready to rock with that speech. It’s that people don’t accept the dichotomy of Bill Clinton. He’s got a man/child brain. The adult part can get to stay on point long enough to get elected and make descisions that are important. The problem is, this part  of him shares space with this rowdy, horny kid who’ll try to get laid in the choir loft. When he’s got a job to do Adult Bill shows up. If you watch real close you can see the kid trying to get out, moon the crowd and run off with a hot chick. He’s kept the kid under control, as far as we know, and has presented himself as a senior statesman, advisor and philantropist. Yet at the same time he backed his wife’s run for the presidency because he got hot thinking about living in the White House again. One thing, if Willam Jefferson Clinton could’ve run for a third term, a few changed words and Barack Obama was in trouble. Think about the drama. And it would be what everybody was expecting.

I tried an experiment on the last blog and then tried again. I wanted readers to listen to the same song by two different artists. I’d set up a place where they could vote for their favorite. I downloaded the music from Rhapsody and when the link was clicked it went to a Rhapsody site and a play button. The play button didn’t respond. I’m going to try again this time using Windows and Polldaddy, same two songs and same three choices. I left a third choice for people who disliked both versions.

I’m addicted to baseball. There were no games on tonight and I’m jonesing. The bats, Louisville Sluggers are attacking and I’m hearing Mel Allen announce another Yankee homer. It’ll be better tomorrow. Hope against hope for an afternoon game. What really made it worse was TruTV changed the Thursday schedule, no more Smoking Gun’s Dumbest whatevers, my look into people I really know mean well but get me laughing when the fail. They replaced the shows with Impractical Jokers, a show about four guys who get; one another to do stupid stuff. Can’t get into it.

Let’s try again: It’s fucking hopeless. I can’t get information. All I want to do is post audio links and a poll. This whole idea isn’t worth the frustration and anger. The blog is an extended disjointed dive into my brain that nobody reads or comments on. I’m talking to myself. I was an ass for thinking something I tried would work. This is the dumbest thing I’ve done. I need time off. I tried and failed. Again and again.