Happy Wednesday. The Democrats started up yesterday, actually tonight, it’s Tuesday as I post this. This will be a lovefest. All they have to do is not screw up. History isn’t in their favor. What can go wrong? Bill Clinton annouces he’s divorcing Hillary to marry that hot delegate from Nevada. Joe Biden storms through a profanity laced rant and calls Mitt a whole lot of bad names. Michelle tells the world she hates vegetables and would kill for a double cheeseburger with fries and a shake. Members of the Massachusetts delegation are caught listening to Sox games on a clandestine satellite hook-up. (That one I believe) Barack steps up to the podium and rips off a state of the art mask and turns out to be, wait for it, Casey Affleck. You’ve never seen them together, huh? Fox News runs a crawl under the speakers making rude comments about their clothes and lifestyles. (That one too) The GOP hacks into the PA system and broadcasts Mitt and Paul singing a duet of Danke Shoen. Or they run a slide show going back to Adlai Stevenson showing how relevant they can be. Or worse, instead of setting out a concrete plan for what they’re going to do for the next four years they give us a lot of soaring, flowery rhetoric about the nobility of the average American. (Who by the way is watching public access wrestling)

I’m listening to Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome. The entire story is a running definition of the word twit. I like it and have obtained three Jeeves and Wooster stories. Maybe someone will follow suit and write stories about the asshats we have in our priveliged class. Oh, we have Etertainment News etc. to do the job. Airing the trials and tribulations of A,B,C and D List celebrities is just what a farmer in Nebraska needs along with the rain that’s about nine months too late. If Obama doesn’t get a second term we can blame the celebrification of light news.

I’m going to try an experiment. First of all, I like covers. Song covers. I listen for the nuances in reditions of Black Magic Women played by Fleetwood Mac, Carlos Santana and Bob Welch. They’re there, honest. I’m going to find songs that have been covered and post them here. The viewing audience can listen and vote on which one they like the most. Secondly, I’m curious about who’s reading the blog. So take a listen, vote and post what you think of the idea. First up: Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer and Florence and the Machine.